Is this Voter Fraud in the Making?


Is this Voter Fraud in the Making?

By: P. Henry Saddleburr

Posted: June 16th,2012

This mailer arrived in our box for my wife today.  My first suspicion was that this mailer was under her ‘familiar’ name, not her ‘legal’ name. Plus, she’s already registered to vote.

But there was something fishy about this mailer so I couldn’t help but delve deeper.

It appeared to come from the Virginia State Board of Elections, but upon further investigation it actually came from the Voter Participation Center, which is a partner organization with the George Soros funded Center for American Progress and both groups have direct ties to the Obama White House.  It started out as part of the Tides Foundation. Looking at the biographies on these sites show lots of people with ties to the Obama and Clinton Administrations, and is part of the Democrats’ criminal syndicate. Have a look at this from Discover the Networks. And this from Wikipedia.

The VPC also focuses on educating policymakers and media on issues impacting what it calls the “rising American electorate”, including a series of reports produced in March 2010, in partnership with the Center for American Progress.

Now.  Notice the address on the return envelope

The entire address for the State Board of Elections is correct up until the zip code, so this is NOT going to the State Board of Elections at all, but to some unknown post office box to land in the hands of God knows?  That you are to put your full name, Social Security Number, address and date of birth is a real cause for concern in the age of rampant identity theft.  But I digress.


Notice how official looking this is, then notice the black print in the gray background showing Voter Participation Center, with an address of 7109 Staples Mill Rd, #160, Richmond, VA

I decided to take a little ride to see what was at this address and here it is.

After more digging it turns out that the very same thing happened in Wisconsin back in February, including the zip code spoofing of their Government Accountability Board.  The blogger over at the Lizzie Files put up a post, showing the exact form from the same group with minor differences like the mailing address.

Also in February, VPC was sending out invalid forms in Colorado.

World Net Daily just reported that VPC doesn’t much care if they’re mailing these forms to non-citizens, either.

VPC Chief Operating Officer Gail Kitch said the potential for voter fraud and citizenship status is not the group’s concern.

“That’s not really the issue,” she said. “I couldn’t answer that question based on the level at which we’re involved. I mean, their citizenship is not something … we would not have any way of knowing that.”

Kitch added that her organization is relying on the integrity of those who receive the applications.

“I think the person themselves, the person who is receiving the form, has the obligation. We’re just sending the form; we’re not even registering people to vote,” she said.

“This is not issue we’re addressing,” she said. “In other words, is this person actually a U. S. citizen?”

Be very, very cautious this election cycle. The Democrats are up to their usual corrupt behavior and there is sure to be more of it coming down the pike.

UPDATE:  Look for more information sometime tomorrow.  This mailer was received over the weekend so contacting the State Board of Elections, the United States Postal Service or Voter Participation Center was not possible.  Those are on my To Do list for first thing tomorrow.

I’ll fill you in with the results of my discovery as soon as I can.

UPDATE: The call to the State Board of Elections was a bit disappointing, when they told me to just ‘Destroy It’, then furnished a phone number that turned out to be Voter Participation Center’s unsubscribe line.

In communications with J. Christian Adams from the Election Law Center, he indicated that it’s not illegal, even if they are spoofing the address.  But since nobody knows who is actually receiving this highly sensitive information and what their intentions are or how trustworthy the recipient is.

More calls have been made and the Attorney General’s office has been made aware, as has the Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Additional calls and inquiries are under way.