Jihadists torture to death children who decided against being suicide bombers

"Peace will come when they love their children more than they hate us." - Golda Meir

By: Timothy Whiteman

Posted July 1st,2012

Two Muslim Spanish citizens of Moroccan descent have tortured for an undisclosed about of time, then murdered two children who decided against going through with their initial decision to serve as Jihadist suicide bombers.

Arrested Thursday by Spanish law enforcement authorities in the North African Spanish enclave of Melilla, The Gibraltar Chronicle is reporting that Spanish citizens Rachid Abdellah Mohamed, 25, and Nabil Mohamed Chaib, 30, have been leading a recruitment and training effort both in Melilla and Morocco for suicide bombers world-wide.

According to Spain‘s Ministry of the Interior, the terror due had successfully recruited four children, but two had “adopted western or ‘infidel’ behaviour and had decided to separate themselves from the group.'”

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