President Obama Promotes a Catholic Schism


President Obama Promotes a Catholic Schism

By: Bill Colley

A note in last week’s collection basket explained the parishioner’s offering was going to the Obama re-election campaign instead of to God.  It’s a true story from a local Roman Catholic Parish and I expect it isn’t isolated.  In a human moment the priest delivering the homily assured us God wasn’t likely intimidated by President Obama’s sudden windfall.  The Obama campaign could surely already afford to “go negative” when it comes to the Almighty.  Perhaps a note of reply could be sent to the liberal parishioner:  God is undefeated.

Those of you relying on mainstream media for news probably never heard of the Fortnight for Freedom.  Two weeks of prayer from traditional Catholics appealing to the Lord for relief from the tyrannical Obama Administration.  The latest edition of my diocesan newspaper is emblazoned with a photograph of our Bishop.  A quote is splashed across the picture.  “Our government and the government’s leadership are telling the faithful to yield their faith and practice of their faith to a government decree,” are the words of Bishop Francis Malooly.

Mass ended and while crossing the church parking lot I encountered my friend, Bill Walker, a Deacon in the Roman Church.  He referenced “Tribulation”.  I compared the liberal dissidents to Protestants.  “Yes,” he agreed.  The liberals would like to have a vote and remove leaders of faith whom they find disagreeable.  This isn’t a criticism of Protestant churches but a criticism of some Catholics who well know their church isn’t a democracy.  Religious liberty allows men and women to belong to a church of choice.  People may also choose to belong to a hierarchical institution that demands obedience.  Religious liberty allows the latter church to maintain its structure, form and tradition.  The Roman Catholic Church is neither marketed as a parliamentary democracy nor subject to temporal princes.  The Church is also not subject to the latest fads and public fancies.

Some weeks ago a man telephoned my radio show and whined the Roman Church wouldn’t find many new adherents by being a stickler for traditional values.  Does he suggest faith is akin to pinball?  While it’s true a great many Christians bounce between churches I’m not sure “High Score” is the primary goal of most institutions.  I narrated the Installation of Pope Benedict the XI for a radio audience and very much recall he told the world if his approach resulted in a smaller but more faithful Catholic Church his mission would be much accomplished.  Noah’s Ark was a large boat but still had its size limitations.

The caller’s ignorance tells us a great deal about modern culture and the politicians feeding off the ignorant.

It’s why government now believes it can strike against the agents of God.  It also tells us all we need know about modern politicians.  Like the parishioner leaving the snide note about a donation to the Obama campaign, they really don’t believe in any power higher than government.  Is the supposed tyranny of a church you can leave anytime any greater than the growing tyranny of Washington?

There is a message for an increasingly vacuous American public.  Church hospitals, schools and food pantries are religious missions.  These programs epitomize loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself.  These programs aren’t appendages added by corporations seeking tax breaks.  It’s an imitation of Christ.  Despite all the liberal and government arguments about fairness and “reproductive rights” (which I can’t find specified by the founding fathers) the charitable activities of the Roman Catholic Church are protected from government interference by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  A document created not to clarify what the government can do to you but rather what can’t be done to you by government.

President Obama’s diktat to the religious in what they must provide clearly violates not just the spirit of our founders but is a direct violation of rights guaranteed by our Creator and enumerated in our greatest secular creation.  Mr. Obama’s tenure in office ends in months or in four years and some months.  I would remind the parishioner offering fealty to Obama before deference to God the power of earthly princes is ephemeral.  God remains undefeated.


  1. I helped organize a rally against the mandate and anticipate helping to organize another. The church is weak because it is reeling from the abuse crisis and the challenge of medernism. What is needed is for huge number of Christians to stand together. If that happens the government will back down. If it doesn't the church will be crushed. This is the time for all good Christians to come to the aid of God. Up till now it hasn't cost anything to be an American Christian, but if the church looses this fight it will start to cost plenty.