Blowin’ Hot Air…

joe piscopo Johnny Dangerously bathroom hook

joe piscopo Johnny Dangerously bathroom hook

Blowin’ Hot Air…
by Gerald A. Honigman

Israel looks more and more like Joe Piscopo these days.

Almost thirty years ago (I can’t believe it…), a young Michael Keaton was in his prime and starred in Johnny Dangerously, a hilarious comedy with Joe Piscopo.

As young gangsters in the same mob, Piscopo constantly warned others–including Keaton–about what he was going to do to them the next time they upset him. Keaton wound up hanging him up on a bathroom door hook, but Piscopo kept on blowing hot air anyway.

Unfortunately, Israel looks more and more like Joe these days.

The Arabs and/or their stooges committed another one of their acts of bravery today…they blew up a busload of Israeli children visiting Bulgaria.

Immediately, Israel’s leaders shot off about allegedly painful retaliation which would be forthcoming against the usual suspects–including Iran.

Know what ?

When you truly mean business, you don’t say anything–or, at least shouldn’t.

Telegraphing one’s punch can only mean one of two things…you’re an idiot, or you aren’t really serious. When you are, you act first and offer explanations afterward…when your enemies are splattered and dumbfounded.

Israel used to not need to be reminded of such things. These days it specializes, instead, in trading off hundreds or thousands of Arab murderers and wannabes for usually the remains of a few dead Jews, or one or two live ones if it gets lucky… How about this? A quick death penalty for Arab murderers will leave Israel less prone to such blackmail in the first place

We hear over and over again that Israel holds itself to a higher standard than the assorted Islamo-fascist barbarians which surround it and so won’t do what really needs to be done.

This constantly backfires on the Hebrews…especially the “Progressives”–who still make up too much of the country.

No one is suggesting that, in the wake of today’s atrocity in Bulgaria, for example, Israel should deliberately assassinate pregnant Arab women and children, blow up Arab buses, restaurants, schools, cafes, or the like. Likewise, no one is demanding that Arab families should be gunned down in their homes, the victims’ body parts dismembered to play catch with. I’ll leave all of that to Arabs and their pals who have indeed shown themselves to specialize in such things.

But this deal where Israel allows its mortal enemies–who reject its very existence, regardless of “size”–to dictate the rules of the game is nothing less than pathetic and costs more Jewish lives down the road. And it has been going on for far too long now.

Is it any wonder why Israel is rarely taken seriously these days in its neighborhood?

Today, the day of the Bulgarian tragedy, is also the 18th anniversary of Iran’s blowing up a Jewish facility in Argentina–killing almost one hundred and injuring or maiming another 300 people. What price did Israel exact from the mad mullahs for that?

Heads literally should have rolled afterward–and not just the game where the Jews are expected (or expect themselves) to find the exact perpetrators of the crime either. At some point the greater society must see a price for encouraging and supporting such behavior. Tit for tat is a losing game when there are six million of you and hundreds of millions of others who want you for dinner.

How many times has Israel blasted an empty field or building, using expensive missiles, as an answer to Arabs deliberately targeting and terrorizing Jewish civilians?

There are known encampments and facilities where those Arab “brave warriors” congregate. Taking out a hundred or so of them (at minimum) at a time might get a bit more attention–that is, if you’re really serious about retaliation and wanting blood thirsty adversaries to have second thoughts about future behavior.

The examples of such Israeli foolishness are many, but one, in particular, especially comes to mind…

A report on May 12, 2004 had explained that after two APCs were blown apart along with the eleven Israeli soldiers inside, a senior military officer stated, “this is war and we are taking the gloves off. The rules of the game have just changed.”

We’ve heard a lot of such huffing and puffing since, and it usually turns out to be Piscopo on the door hook again.

When you’re really serious about getting serious, you don’t blow hot air. You do…and you do big-time.

You respond in such a way that leaves those who deliberately, wantonly, and mercilessly butcher your loved ones breathless. Breathless…

And when they later come out by the thousands to bury their dead with guns in the air crying for more of your blood, you hit them ten times harder and take out even more future disembowelers and beheaders of your people. You continue to do this exponentially–massively increasing the response after each new atrocity.

Arabs and other Jihadis know that they greatly out-number Jews. Arafat used to brag about the Arab mother being the key to victory. Sick…but that’s how it is.

Israel loses the Arab, Iranian, Turk, etc. numbers’ game in the war of attrition that it’s allowing itself to be held captive to.

Years ago, after 9/11, President George W. Bush himself said that those who aid and give comfort to America’s enemies should share in their fate. Think about that a bit regarding what Israel needs to do itself. About 34 Israels fit into Dubya’s home state of Texas…

Next, you tell the hypocritical practitioners of the double-standard (i.e., the United Nauseating Nations and such), who’ll surely protest your Jewish fight to survive, to either…

a) drop dead, or

b) ask such folks what they would be doing in a fight for their own lives.

Regardless, they won’t listen.

So it’s time for Israel to simply do whatever it takes to save Jewish lives.

Arab lives, on the other hand, would not be in danger at all if not for their own murderous, rejectionist actions and attitudes. They repeatedly have refused fair and just compromises to achieve their twenty-second state. What compromises have Arabs ever offered to the various scores of millions of subjugated, non-Arab peoples whom were conquered and pre-dated them on lands that Arabs now simply call their own?

As for those who take pleasure in such things as blowing up Jewish children on Bulgarian buses, the plain truth is that in the Arab and allied Jihadi mindset–despite their assorted whitewashers–any “solution” that is not another Final Solution for Jews will always be unacceptable for them.

America is a nation of over 300 million people–the most powerful country on Earth. The eleven Israeli Jews who were blown apart in that example cited earlier were proportionately the equivalent of America loosing over five hundred of its own men. America is thousands of miles away from its enemies, not a minuscule state one needs a magnifying glass to find on a world globe–located right in its enemies’ backyard.

Bunker buster and daisy cutter bombs and cruise missiles were frequently used by us in Afghanistan and Iraq. If General Colin Powell’s doctrine of massive force and retaliation is valid for America, then why should Israel have to fight with one hand continuously tied behind its back in order to score moral Brownie points with a largely anti-Semitic world, which couldn’t care less if the sole reborn State of the Jews lives or dies? And, if truth be told, most would prefer the latter.

Arabs and their buddies don’t fear Israel any more. Unfortunately and realistically, that’s a shame, and a very dangerous development. They’ve seen Israel constantly forced by its alleged friends into making one-sided concessions…ones that those “friends” themselves would never make. Oil addiction, that good, old-fashioned anti-Semitism mentioned above, and terrorism have been working.

In a perfect world, no nation should have to fear any other. And, given new realities regarding the so-called “Arab Spring” and massive natural gas fields discovered off of the Israeli coast, perhaps more eyes may yet be opened…

Still, in this real world, in which Arabs see themselves as sole masters of most (if not all) of the Middle East and believe that the latter ideally belongs to just them and them alone (regardless of the presence of scores of millions of non-Arabs living there), existing as rulers–not ruled–over “their” kilab yahud (Jew dogs), both the tactics and strategy Israel pursues must therefore be different. This is especially so when your enemy knows that he outnumbers you about fifty to one in population and collectively dwarfs you in arms and materiel, as well.

Returning to today’s atrocity in Bulgaria, Israeli leaders must finally learn to keep their mouths shut in the wake of such Arab and Islamist barbarism.

Pre-planned, massive, effective action must do the speaking during such unfortunately predictable times.

There’s no doubt that it’s far past time to stop blowin’ hot air.