Romney launches new attack on Obama over welfare

Obama and Romney: Rallying support and rounding up dollars: President Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney hit the campaign trail.

By Philip Rucker

Posted: Aug. 7th, 2012

Mitt Romney’s campaign is launching a new offensive on Tuesday accusing President Obama of “unilaterally dismantling” the 1990s bipartisan welfare reform.

On the campaign trail beginning Tuesday in Illinois and in a new television advertisement, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee plans to argue that the Obama administration is turning the federal welfare program into “just a handout” with last month’s decision to allow waivers to states from welfare work requirements.

This is Romney’s latest attempt to cast Obama as a big-government liberal and to drive a wedge between the president and the popular legacy of one of his Democratic predecessors, President Clinton.

“President Obama is unilaterally dismantling President Clinton’s welfare reforms,” Romney campaign spokesman Andrea Saul said in a statement. “Instead of tough work requirements, the president’s policies could change welfare to work into old-fashioned welfare. As president, Mitt Romney will restore the bipartisan work requirement in welfare so that workers have the dignity of a job and not just a handout.”

The Obama campaign responded by noting that in 2005, then-Massachusetts governor Romney and most other Republican governors requested state waivers similar to those the Obama administration began allowing with the Department of Health and Human Services’ July 12 announcement.

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