Support Sheriff Joe and his Call for Congressional Investigation of Fraudulent Documents




A Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots Event
Mike Zullo    Investigation Update
Bettina Viviano    Hollywood Movie Producer of “We Will Not Be Silenced” –  Dems/Clinton vs. Obama
Tom Ballantyne   Author  Oh Really, O’Reilly!: The Spin Starts Here…Apparently!
Doors Open 10:00 a.m.   Program  11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.  Meet & Greet  1:30 – 3 p.m.
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Meet & Greet / Reserved*               $25  Advance Purchase         $30 Day of Event      
General Admission                                $10  Advance Purchase        $15 Day of Event    
Purchase By Phone or Internet              Add $5.00 Handling Fee Per Order 
MEET & GREET SESSION* 1:30-3 p.m.
Drinks Available For Purchase
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  1. I have a theory. I truly believe that Obama is not concerned at all about the unemployment numbers. Because, the majority of people who will be voting for him are lifelong multi-generational welfare recipients who never, ever wanted jobs and will never work voluntarily. Now, I am not speaking of people who are legitimately handicapped, elderly or too ill to work, but people who have been raised by welfare checks. Welfare socialists have no clue what it is to pay taxes and have no say of how the money taken from your and my paycheck… is being used. These people are already institutionally socialized and do not know the concept of freedom, other than "jailbird's rights", due to constant run ins with the police because they get into trouble roaming around day and night…. because they don't work and are bored. Usually burglarizing someone else's house for more drug money. People drawing money from welfare because they burned up their brains with drugs and are incompetent and cannot hold a job,…. they should not be voting if they are mentally incompetent.

  2. I may sound a little wacko, but the people running around today supporting Obama are like people from another planet, nothing like the 'old timers' I grew up with. People coming to live here from other countries, want to bring their socialism ideals with them because that is all they know, and don't have the reasoning capacity to understand what America truly is. America is NOT a SOCIALIST democracy…..we are a REPUBLIC. That is why the Pledge of Allegiance was banned from school. ……..and to the REPUBLIC , for which it stands…..
    Please spread the word, we are NOT a SOCIALIST democracy, we ARE A REPUBLIC.

  3. Socialist democrats are putting people in jail for laws that should not be on the books and making hard core criminals out of them. Everyone is becoming institutionalized either through welfare or jail, the rich white collar elites and celebrities are under the influence of drugs, legal or illegal and alcohol……so more than half the country is unable to have a coherent thought , leaving the rest of us to struggle with the mess the Obama handlers, Hillary Clinton, and their ilk have engineered. I wish that Hillary was as honorable as she is smart, but her greed and need for power corrupted her, and she is partly to blame for the fall of our Nation. Biden, Clinton and Obama have committed treason. Hillary has acutally managed to make her husband look like a saint., his womanizing is nothing compared to her selling our nation to our enemies overseas.

  4. Amen Elaine and thank you for your so correct insight about our country. In a country where the majority is supposed to rule the minority is in charge and that needs to change.

    • Romney is cutting taxes in the richest 10% more than anyone (they have ~90% of the wealth). How bout that majority.