Homosexual Promiscuity: Breeding a national health problem


By David R. Usher and Cynthia L. Davis


“Marriage Equality” is perhaps the most convoluted canard of our time.  Underneath the hood of the homosexual revolution churns the most serious avoidable health problems of our time.

The majority of our most dangerous sexual diseases emanate from the homosexual revolution and are transmitted to wives, infants, children, and men by LBGTQ individuals who are most often bisexual.

Bisexuals are the majority in the LBGTQ movement.   Approximately 1.8% to 4% of Americans are bisexual.  This broad gateway infects unsuspecting heterosexual Americans with serious or fatal diseases. The impact to heterosexual women is serious.  70% of HIV infections in women are attributed to heterosexual contact.

The impact of homosexuality on the rest of us can no longer be ignored:

  • Among female adults and adolescents that were diagnosed with HIV infection in 2009, 84.9% were infected through heterosexual contact.
  • 25% of new HIV infections are women who are often straight.
  • HIV is the #14 cause of infant mortality (Table B). This is most often caused by women who have a bisexual husband or boyfriend.
  • There are about 1.2 million individuals infected with HIV in the United States.  About 20% of them do not know they are infected and are spreading the disease invisibly.
  • Children raised by homosexual parents are dramatically more likely than peers raised by married heterosexual parents to suffer from a host of social problems.
  • The total death impact of promiscuity is difficult to quantify because so many other opportunistic fatal diseases are the final cause of death.
  • High rates of psychiatric disorders are well-known even in the Netherlands, where homosexuality is widely accepted.  Substance abuse is also common in the LGBTQ community. The rest of American often bears the costs of treatment for STD’s and endless psychological treatment for confused individuals.

Homosexuality has been “legitimized” in our schools.  It is considered an act of hate to question or oppose sexual perversion.  Why do we teach homosexuality in our schools while strongly encouraging our children not to use drugs or smoke?  Fatality data indicates that promiscuity and homosexuality are at least as dangerous to health and life as smoking or drugs.

In New York City, very high rates of risky homosexual practices are reported.  Nearly 10% of sexually-active New York City high school students say they had at least one same-sex partner.  Children do what they are taught.  “Gay, lesbian, and bisexual students are not born that way. The most recent, extensive, and scientifically sound research finds that the primary factor in the development of homosexuality is environmental not genetic”.

Smoking is banned everywhere in America because of the risks imposed to others.  We are tough on drinking and driving for the same reasons.  We can no longer give homosexuality a free pass because the grave healthcare burden it imposes on the rest of us.  The taxpayers cannot “leave the room” to avoid being harmed.

Incubating a national health problem:

Gay men have between 4 and 100 times more sex partners than heterosexual men.  Lesbians are 4.5 times more likely to have over 50 sex partners in their lifetime compared with heterosexual women. 75-90 percent of women who have sex with women have also had sex with men.  Only 10% of homosexual relationships are monogamous after five years.

  • The incidence of HIV in men who have sex with men is 44 times that of heterosexual men, and 40 times greater than women
  • Homosexual men are 46 times more likely than heterosexual men to contract syphilis.
  • HIV is the #10 cause of death for black males and #24 for white males (Table D).
  • While there are far fewer lesbians than gays, lesbians are 4.5 times more likely to have had over 50 sex partners than heterosexual women.
  • 63 percent of syphilis cases were among men who have sex with men (cite).
  • The majority of lesbians commonly have sex with men.

Gay advocacy overwhelms science

Ryan Sorba’s authoritative history of gay advocacy documents how the homosexual revolution overwhelmed the scientific community in the 1970’s and 1980’s applied aggressive activism and now-debunked “studies” to achieve the impossible:  diagnoses of homosexual disorders are no longer objective.  A psychiatric disorder exists only if the individual subjectively discovers it.  The majority of therapy focuses on solipsistic “affirmative therapy” (helping homosexuals feel comfortable with their behavior) instead of steering them to effective “change therapy” that could save their lives and relieve their mental anxieties.

Since psychiatric science does not recognize homosexuality as a diagnosable disorder, the policy responses of the CDC, psychological and psychiatric professions, and schools are limited to carefully encouraging condom use and spending vast sums of taxpayer monies taking care of ill and dying individuals.

Gay advocates now controlling the American Psychiatric Association created false science far more dangerous than Al Gore’s debunked global warming theories.  Gore’s confabulations did not kill anyone.

Gay advocates blame the consequences of their behavior on us, demanding that science and taxpayers take care of them.  Elton John blames “stigma” for causing the AIDS crisis, asserting that “love can fix the problem”.   If gay leaders truly loved their followers, would be addressing rampant promiscuity to save the lives of their followers instead of blaming everyone else.

Gay politics has become another big-government enterprise.  It forces us to accept it, urges more youth to do it, and creates expensive problems requiring massive funding to clean up the mess.

Kinsey acolytes have perverted politics and science in ways not seen since the dark ages.  The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a bill that would “protect all 547 forms of sexual deviancy or ‘paraphilias’”. California is considering legislation guaranteeing that many children will die:  S.B. 1172 will bar counselors from helping children recover from unwanted same-sex attractions.

Gay Marriage will not reduce homosexual promiscuity

Gay marriage is an absurd proposition. Dan Savage, a leader of the gay movement, promotes promiscuity. The homosexual revolution is founded on sexual promiscuity.

In states that have gay marriage, few men marry.  Between 2004 and 2008, only 37% of same-sex marriages in Massachusetts involved men.

There is no evidence that “coupling” or gay marriage has notable impact on gay promiscuity.

Marriage becomes a promiscuous government village

Gay marriage is destined to be a three-way marriage between two women and big government.  When Suzie marries Joanie, the kids will most often be born of serial extramarital encounters (where men are unlikely to know that birth control is not being used).

Gay marriage establishes a superior four-income, two-mother, big government family.  Marriage-as-village policy is a lucrative tentacular arrangement:  women keep their own incomes, depending on government to force several men to provide multiple tax-free “child support” incomes.

The tremendous advantages of gay marriage for women are reflected in marriage data. Gay marriage is nearly twice as popular with women in Massachusetts, where 63% of gay marriages involved women between 2004 and 2008.

Gay politics overruns libertarianism and conservatism

Gay conservatism is an impossible concept.  The gay movement will settle for nothing less than hard-core multiculturalist government.

GoProud pretends that gay marriage is a state issue while actively supporting it at the federal level.  Gay marriage is very much a federal issue because DOMA exists.  An onslaught of litigation intended to demolish DOMA is raining down on the U.S. Supreme Court.  Lawsuits of every possible stripe are headed to the Supreme Court to force homosexuality on America.

The Republican Party is allowed Homocon 2012 to be held at its convention and allowed leftists to participate in writing its 2012 platform – a move that may suppress or alienate a large segment of the conservative and Tea Party vote.

Glenn Beck now supports gay marriage.  He is apparently unaware of the grave damage gay marriage will do to the rest of America.

Dear Glenn: Multicultural marriage divides America into two absolute classes depending solely on reproductive ability — with women entitled and men plantation bondservants to big government.  God-given natural social, parental and economic rights will be fully usurped by government.  Health care costs will soar due to illness and social problem grown due to the numbers of sexually-confused children and adults.  Your pocket will be picked and your children indoctrinated whether you like it or not.

We must rescind irresponsible homosexual public policy from the lawbooks across-the-board and discourage homosexual behavior.  We must not allow pansexuals to take over the conservative movement like they did the American Psychiatric Association.  Their invasion is as dangerous to our socioeconomic fabric as the Occupy movement is to free enterprise.

America is burning down because of the demise of heterosexual marriage. Marriage-absence is the greatest socioeconomic problem we face.   Our focus must be on restoring heterosexual marriage as the social norm.

Certainly, budget cuts are necessary.  We must also learn from the political failure of “austerity” in France. If we do not change what the “Federal Sausage Machine” makes, it will continue generating mass social disaster.  There will be no funding to clean it up, and angry voters will again swing to the hard left as they did in 2008.

Protecting Marriage Month:

The debate over gay marriage never should have left the starting gate.  It has always been an illegitimate conversation. The hotbed of dangerous sexually-transmitted diseases transmitted from the homosexual population to the rest of America is the problem that must be addressed.

Where we do not provide special protections or affirmations for drug users, smokers, or criminals with behavioral problems, entertaining gay marriage, civil unions, and local ordinances giving homosexuals special rights is out of the question.

“Protecting Marriage Month” is a viral leafleting campaign initiated by the Center for Marriage Policy that every American can use to help others understand what is at stake.  Businesses, politicians, and city councils should care about health and safety of women and children.  We encourage everyone who backed Chick-Fil-A to join with us once again by downloading and actively distributing the Protecting Marriage Month leaflet during the month of September.


David R. Usher is President of the Center for Marriage Policy.

Cynthia L. Davis is Executive Director of the Center for Marriage Policy.

Media Contacts:

Cynthia Davis: cynthia.davis@marriagepolicy.org, 636 240-6369

David R. Usher: david.usher@marriagepolicy.org

Scott Lively: http://defendthefamily.com, sdllaw@gmail.com, 413 250-0984

Ryan Sorba: ryanjsorba@gmail.com


  1. Are you freaking kidding me? How does any of this make sense? This Comment ". Smoking is banned everywhere in America because of the risks imposed to others. We are tough on drinking and driving for the same reasons. We can no longer give homosexuality a free pass because the grave healthcare burden it imposes on the rest of us. The taxpayers cannot “leave the room” to avoid being harmed. " is the most insulting comment I have ever read.. It just goes to show what a bunch of ignorant low lifes you people really are.. Pathetic.. Isnt the priests who play with little boys and republicans who get caught in gay sex scandals? prostitution? etc..

  2. What a bunch of BS. This whole article is a big fat lie. First, the authors should get real facts instead of making up a bunch of false numbers. Second, the Tea Party members should be ashamed of themselves for publishing it. Third, people need to get a life and stop blaming gay people for everything. Stop pointing fingers and start looking in the mirror.

    • Thank you.. This article made me sick.. I am bisexual, married to a man, and have 2 children of my own. I am very active in the LGBT community where I live. The most I know any of my friend to do is smoke weed and that is even limited. Than again i think weed should be legalized. Thats a whole different topic lol.. but as I was saying I dont drink nor do I do drugs even when I had girlfriends I didnt. Maybe its bc of people like Ken that make certain people feel drugs and alcohol is the only way to get thru the hatred.

  3. Ken Our society changed not deteriorated. I feel the republicans are the reason things went so wrong. 8 years of Bush running our country in to the ground was not enough to realize that. Republicans want to keep the poor poor while taking advantage of them. It has nothing o do with who someone dates or marries. And if you feel the need to believe that the LGBT community is full of alcoholics and drug users lets take a look at the people who are meth addicts, charged with domestic violence, alcohol abuse etc.. They are primarily white, straight and married to the opposite sex.. Honestly gay parents adopting children is the best thing that could happen to the world given children a chance. Now if you want to play the ignorant card I will play along.. Maybe we wouldn't have so many kids in foster care and adoption agencies if rednecks needed a license to breed. I would rather have an established gay couple raising a child than some 15 year old living in a trailer preaching the bible with 4 kids running around in filth. Come on, your living in the past.. Its close minded people like you KEN who make me sick. and I can only hope you have not raised any children bc than at least with one less ignorant person our country may have a chance.

  4. I have only one complaint with this article. How dare you spout the politically correct liberal talking point about smokers and how dare you include someone who smokes cigarettes in with drug addicts, criminals and homosexual deviants. I am not a drug addict, criminal or sexual deviant. I work hard, was faithful to my husband and never even received a parking ticket. Of the dozens of my friends my age who have had numerous health problems and operations I've only had catarack surgery. Cigarette smoking is a habit and yes it's addictive but all the so called facts about many of the health problems it causes are so clouded with hyperbole that it's become politically incorrect to dispute them. The people conducting the studies no longer care about the truth because smoking has become so stigmatized they don't have to care about the truth and are in fact afraid the truth wouldn't make people quit like lies and exaggeration do. Of the people I know or know of who have lung cancer none were smokers. Not a study but probably just as accurate as many that have been conducted. Second hand smoke danger has already been debunked as completely made up. I'm tired of being abused verbally and financially for a habit much less dangerous to me than driving a car.

  5. The children of these adopted so called gay marriages are the ones that will suffer and then they will grow into adults and the rest of us will suffer.