Romney Speaks Truth to Power: Entitlement-Addicted America


By Mr. Curmudgeon:

A reader once asked if I ever considered running for public office. “No,” I told him, “because I would ignore my political opponent, questions from the press, and spend the bulk of my campaign attacking voters for transforming our Founder’s well-conceived government into the world’s largest criminal enterprise. An organization, led by community organizers, that exists for the express purpose of committing organized theft. People say they like it when someone “speaks truth to power,” but in American politics, that corrupting power is the people.

Americans that voted for politicians who built an intrusive authoritarian administrative bureaucracy, engineered a housing boom, destroyed it with sub-prime lending, grew a government so powerful it could force an unpopular health-care mandate down their throats, accumulated a $16 trillion national debt – also love the near-bankrupt entitlement behemoths of Social Security and Medicare that threatens to push the nation over a fiscal cliff. These Americans don’t like having their noses rubbed in their own filthy mess.

According to the Gallup organization, Americans give the Congress they elected a mere 10% approval rating. They need reminding that no one in Washington shot their way to power. They got there buying your vote with someone else’s money. In fact, they’ve spent so much money buying your vote, the nation is bankrupt and must print trillions more to keep up with your demands. That demand diverts dollars away from private-sector job creation and into things like Solyndra.

So, I was amused by all the media attention given the surreptitious recording made at a Boca Raton, Florida, fundraiser held for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. He told the gathering that 47% of Americans are hopelessly addicted to the narcotic of government handouts and that he won’t “worry about these people. I’ll never convince them they should take responsibility and care for their lives,” writing them off as potential supporters. The only problem I have with Romney’s remarks is that he made them in what he thought was a private setting. He should have made them during his nominating acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Americans need a stern talking-to – a major substance abuse intervention. But politicians can’t do that or they won’t be elected. The assumption of the Founders was that Americans were capable of governing themselves. The caveat to that assumption, as John Adams said, was for Americans to be a “moral and religious people.”

It was the understanding of our Founders that by observing the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” it might also occur to their countrymen that they should NOT do unto others as they would NOT like done to them.

There is a beautiful balance that occurs in a moral universe. Within that balance, liberty blossoms. It’s the absence of that balance that is killing our country. It is the same corruption that exists in the heart of every gang member that believes he is entitled to his ill-gotten gains. That sense of entitlement allows the gang member to overlook the damage he does to the society his corruption victimizes. “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business,” say the thugs. American voters, on the other hand, tell their candidates, “It’s good politics.”

The recording of Romney’s remarks was given to the ultra left-wing journal Mother Jones. The publication says it’s in the business of “investigative, political, and social justice reporting.” Ah yes, “social justice.”

In 1930, with America in the grip of the Great Depression, gangster Al Capone established a soup kitchen that fed 5,000 people in the poor Chicago neighborhood where he conducted “business.” The press was alerted and collected many glowing quotes from the happy diners. What reporters failed to mention was where Al got all that food. He simply muscled local merchants into giving him the tasty props for his social-justice photo-op.

If Al’s business wasn’t so good, he could have made quite the successful vote-buying politician. But real, and not social, justice eventually landed Capone on “The Rock,” Alcatraz. Moral justice has a way of catching up to you – as Americans are finding out the hard way.


  1. News out today! Romney now leads in New Hampshire and Colorado, and Obama Campaign is in free fall. Obama over past 9 days…
    -6 in Gallup
    -7 in Rasmussen, so put a fork in Obama, this country would rather have a capitalist leading them than a socialist!