Skewing the Polls


By Mr. Curmudgeon:

The Gallup polling Organization got into hot water with the Obama administration over its methods. A Justice Department suit alleges that Gallup, who provides consulting services for several government agencies, overcharged Uncle Sam for its services. However, several conservative websites insist the suit followed complaints by President Obama’s re-election team over the polling methodology used by Gallup that once showed the president trailing Republican rival Mitt Romney by five points. The suit must have had its effect … the latest Gallup survey has Romney trailing Obama by two points.

A recent CBS/New York Times poll showed Obama leading 49 to Romney’s 46 percent. However, of the 1,170 respondents, more Democrats were questioned than Republicans by a margin of +17.

However, the public has an alternative to the media-manufactured nonsense. According to the website, they operate on “the premise that the partisan makeup of the electorate [is] 37.6 percent Republicans, 33.3 percent Democrats and 29.1 percent independent voters …

“Republicans are 68 percent conservative, 27 percent moderate and 5 percent liberal. Among Democrats, 14 percent are conservative, 36 percent are moderate and 50 percent are liberal. Independents include 39 percent conservatives, 36 percent moderates and 25 percent liberals.”

By their measure, Romney leads Obama by 7.8 points.

Last August, Pat Caddell, Fox News Contributor and former pollster for President Jimmy Carter, discussed the skewing of polls by the Obama-friendly media, “What is the effect? It is to build an artificial picture, an illusion of great Obama momentum … to dampen enthusiasm of [Republican] voters, donors, to bias the coverage – because reporters, they just look at the numbers … These numbers then become the way in which the race is structured. It is an act of malpractice journalistically and in polling.”

“If I was a Republican,” continued Caddell, “I would say they are purposefully doing this and I’m going to ask the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to investigate because it violates rules on advertising.”

Caddell was the man who had the dubious distinction of informing Jimmy Carter that he would lose to Ronald Reagan by 10 points.

Who will be given that task in the Obama White House?