I believe that Mitt Romney just won the election in last night’s (October 3) debate


By Jonathon Moseley

One of the best comments is that Mitt Romney performed far better than his campaign while Barack Obama performed far worse than his campaign. ( I didn’t note who said it with my TV in the background.)

The main reason in my view that Obama was crushed last night is that his entire campaign is based on LYING about Romney, and expecting everyone to just accept and believe his lies. When it was obvious that Obama was running against a ‘straw-man’ caricature misrepresenting Republican Mitt Romney, Obama collapsed and looked terrible.

It wasn’t a question of delivery or demeanor or bringing his ‘A’ game.

It was that Obama’s entire campaign against Romney is based upon spreading falsehoods about Romney, which Romney VERY effectively countered. (Many Republicans would have been in the same situation and failed to counter the lies effectively.)

Obama’s entire campaign and message is a house of cards built upon mischaracterizing Romney and Republicans, so when Obama was challenged, his entire message collapsed, he looked dishonest and untrustworthy, and he didn’t know what to do. He was befuddled.

Again, this is not a matter of appearances. This is not about delivery. This is not about being prepared or being a good debater. The problem was the fundamental nature of Obama’s campaign and message, falsehoods about Romney, which gave Romney the easy opening (though Romney did it extremely well) to yank the rug out from under Obama and cause Obama’s house of cards to collapse.

Romney clearly rejected the normal GOP approach of hiding under your bed when Democrats raise negative attacks, and hoping they will go away. Too much of the GOP is dominated by this thinking that if you just pretend you didn’t hear the attacks, maybe other people will forget the attacks as well. If you hide your head behind the couch, with the rest of your body showing, people can’t see you, and the problem will just go away. That’s how GOP self-proclaimed experts want to run campaigns.

This weakness results in the GOP abandoning its principles, because Republicans don’t really believe they can win.  This is a debate we must win, because the GOP will never stand up for tea party principles if Republicans are afraid they can?t succeed when standing up for their convictions.

Instead, Romney turned his warship into the wind and charged straight at his opponent, crying “Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes!?”

Usually the GOP has a battleship and the Democrats have a tug boat; the Democrats charge their tug boat at the GOP battleship and the GOP flees in terror.

Romney turned around and charged right at Obama, and exposed Obama as a paper tiger.

That’s what has been wrong with the GOP for decades, and that is what was right about Romney last night.

While I have seen moments of ‘weakness’ in Romney (temptation to give in to the foolishness of GOP pinhead consultants) we have seen many signs of the Romney we saw last night. It is clear that this is something that Romney has in him, and he strongly wants to assertively challenge his opponent, not cower in fear in the closet and hope the bully doesn’t discover where he is hiding.

Romney’s instinct is to seize the ball, go on offense, score points, and dominate the field. He has too often faltered when surrounded by the overwhelmingly dominant, dumb thinking of GOP insiders and consultants.

This same battle went on with Ronald Reagan, prompting the conservative prescription: LET REAGAN BE REAGAN. When Reagan acts on who he really is, he is great, the theme went. When all the weenies in the Party squirm and wring their hands and influenced Reagan, Reagan would  sometimes falter.

The dominant concern about Reagan’s Administration was when we could get Ronald Reagan to stop listening to the weenies, Reagan was great. When Reagan gave in to temptation and wavered and worried about the bad advice from the Republican self-proclaimed experts, Reagan stumbled, was weak, and sometimes was just awful.

So, we need a campaign approach: ‘LET ROMNEY BE ROMNEY’

Certainly, Romney being who he is involves Romney’s (apparent) desire to have his team supporting him with research, details, rehearsal, preparation. By no means does it mean Romney standing alone. Romney wants and expects (I think) a team snapping to.

But when Romney is in command, at the helm, Romney seems to do well. When Romney is swayed by the hand-wringing, squirming, and worrying of GOP consultants, Romney is weak, ineffective and unappealing.

Now, the real worry is which Romney will govern as President when he is elected to the White House? Will Romney govern like Ronald Reagan or will he govern like Olympia Snowe?


  1. Romney won the election?. Gee, I haven't voted yet and I didn't hear a fat lady sing. Wishful thinking won't make it so. Mitt Romney is a lying bastard and the entire Republican party is crooked as evidenced by the blatant voter suppression fraud knowingly perpetrated by the party in multiple states. You people are not Americans and you disgust me.

  2. Mr. Romney was in command of SUBJECTS. The way you beat any liberal is the blind them with the facts. And, once you do they resort to calling you lying bastards, etc. as noted above. I saw the debate differently. I was it was a Good vs Evil battle. Good prevailed. But, don't forget that Evil is all so powerful and present in the unemployment rates. This is the reason the prez was laid back. He knew ahead of time that the numbers had already been adjusted. All he needed to do was last 90 minutes and smirk the day after. He knew this 7.8% unemployment rate would change the subject and he would have the last laugh. However, he who laughs last will laugh loudest.