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As the 2012 presidential election draws closer, the time for fanciful dalliances is past. Months ago, many among my conservative acquaintances were quite vocal in their lack of confidence in the soundness of the RNC’s choice for the GOP’s anointed standard-bearer, former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney. Their sincere and well-founded concern lay in the fact that, over his political career, Governor Romney has displayed leanings that went way too far to the left. Whatever may have been his more laudable accomplishments in the political arena, staunch conservatism was assuredly not among them.


That this lack of open, unquestioning support for the Governor was clearly justified in objective appraisal from a purist political perspective is not, however, to say that this position is, or should be, etched in granite and unmoving. Were Governor Romney a dedicated, dyed-in-the-wool ideologue, wed hoof and bridle to a set of deeply entrenched ideals which made him unfit for the job or the times, it would be sound logic which would militate inarguably and irrevocably against his presidency.


Governor Romney, on the other hand, is clearly not any so rabid a partisan. Unlike Obama, he doesn’t come to the table with a pre-formed set of extremist fringe goals. Unlike our current president, Romney is not on a crusade to single-handedly re-shape the nation in an image of his whimsy, forged by the flailings and writhings of a troubled youth whose only apparent recourse was to lash out at, and plot the demise of, the society he blamed for his tortured plight. The Governor suffers from no such displacements of aggression, or delusions of grandeur.


Governor Romney is, first, a man of faith in God; a faith that guides him daily. He is a natural problem-solver, and a born diplomat. Also, quite unlike Barrack, Mitt is in fact well above average intelligence. While being extremely smart is not among the necessary prerequisites for effective leadership, it certainly doesn’t hurt. Whatever might be Romney’s more natural progressive leanings, he is quite easily clever enough to recognize the conservative fervor gripping the nation. November 2010 made a rather succinct case for this reality. This was not lost on the good Governor.


More signally still, this election comes at such a point in history as very few candidates for the office have ever been so blessed to stump through. The current state of our national affairs is such that the next president will end up being recorded by history as one of two things:


The next president will either be remembered as the man who finally lost the nation of our founding, or the man who saved America.


And, by realistic extension, the man who saved The Free World.


Admittedly, I don’t know a lot about Governor Romney. But I do know that there is no way that he fails to recognize the scope of the opportunity he has here—to be remembered by history as one of the greatest American Presidents of all time. He is not so starry-eyed an ideologue that he would squander this opportunity, this place of greatest honor in the history of the civilized world, in order to advance some progressive malarkey that will ensure that his, too, is a one-term failure presidency.


If Governor Romney wins in November (and he will, by a rather good margin) and keeps his promises about smaller, smarter government, using the tax structure to make America among the most business-friendly countries on Earth, strengthening our military to again make us the one true world superpower, and developing our national oil, gas and coal industries to make us energy-independent, he can in one term bring roaring back The American Dream.


So to my friends with whom I used to enjoy carping about Romney, it’s now time to make sure we get this guy elected. He’s not just the best chance we have. He’s the only chance we have. And what a chance it is.

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  1. I don't consider my past concerns about Gov. Romney carping, but I get your point. Even with my doubts I never thought he would be a bad president. I'm very happy and relieved to say I think he will be an excellent president in many respects. Conservatives may still have some complaints but I don't think they will be blatantly ignored by a president Romney. His pluses are many and seem to increase with each passing day so I'm hopeful this trend will continue. We must give him a Senate majority hopefully with many more conservatives and with each election our goal should be to replace Rino's with conservatives. I was not reluctant to vote absentee for a straight Republican ticket. If they weren't a wife beater or pedophile I voted for them. If they were crooks I figured they'd be in good company at least until we could primary them out next time. God Bless America and God Bless our next president Romney.

    • Well said. You and I travel predominantly parallel paths through the political potpourri, and agree on most everything. I believeRomney will seize this moment for what it is, and carve his own name into the ledger with sensible conservative leadership which, after four years of O'Buttwad, will seem like a wonderful dream floating in on a fresh, sweet spring breeze. May God so bless us all.