Obama Fires Top Admiral For Advocating Libyan Rescue?


According to this report, yesterday (27 October) Obama ordered the immediate removal of Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette from his command of the powerful Carrier Strike Group Three (CSG-3) currently located in the Middle East.

CSG-3 is one of five US Navy carrier strike groups currently assigned to the US Pacific Fleet. US Navy carrier strike groups are employed in a variety of roles, which involve gaining and maintaining sea control and projecting power ashore, as well as projecting naval airpower ashore.

The aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) is the strike group’s current flagship, and as of 2012, other units assigned to Carrier Strike Group Three include Carrier Air Wing Nine; the guided-missile cruisers USS Mobile Bay (CG-53) and USS Antietam (CG-54); and the ships of Destroyer Squadron 21, the guided-missile destroyers USS Wayne E. Meyer (DDG-108), USS Dewey (DDG-105), USS Kidd (DDG-100), and USS Milius (DDG-69).

US news reports on Obama’s unprecedented firing of a powerful US Navy Commander during wartime state that Admiral Gaouette’s removal was for “allegations of inappropriate leadership judgment” that arose during the strike group’s deployment to the Middle East.

This GRU report, however, states that Admiral Gaouette’s firing by President Obama was due to this strike force commander disobeying orders when he ordered his forces on 11 September to “assist and provide intelligence for” American military forces ordered into action by US Army General Carter Ham, who was then the commander of the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM), against terrorist forces attacking the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

General Ham had been in command of the initial 2011 US-NATO military intervention in Libya who, like Admiral Gaouette, was fired by Obama. And as we can, in part, read from US military insider accounts of this growing internal conflict between the White House and US Military leaders:

“The information I heard today was that General [Carter] Ham as head of Africom received the same e-mails the White House received requesting help/support as the attack was taking place. General Ham immediately had a rapid response unit ready and communicated to the Pentagon that he had a unit ready.

General Ham then received the order to stand down. His response was to screw it, he was going to help anyhow. Within 30 seconds to a minute after making the move to respond, his second in command apprehended General Ham and told him that he was now relieved of his command.”

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    • I was reminded of the history of the communist movement when I first heard of all the ammo being purchased. Communists try to effect their form of government through legislation and that always fails. When that happens their frustration boils over and they start shooting their opposition. Obama is certainly of that same mind set. The one saving grace in this is that I don't think the secret service would fail to take him into custody and prevent a blood bath.

    • All you sheep, just spend a couple of minutes researching and you can see what a load of crap the "Tea Party" news is. General Ham himself testified before the republican committee that this is all BS and Admiral Gaouette was a racist bigot who was relieved of his command for inappropriate behavior.

  1. Before the comments start flying let me make one simple request…if you have never served in the military, keep your opinion to yourself. Unless you have marched a mile in my boots your opinion on such matters is meaningless. Thank you. That is all.

      • I believe what Brian meant was if you haven't served, especially where you are in tight groups of combat soldiers who take care of one another, you won't understand. General Ham did what any combat soldier would have done. As far as I'm concerned, all in the Obama administration who were involved, and General Hams 2nd in command that relieved him should be arrested and tried for treason. All of this was done for the sake of pandering to those who inject political correctness into the military world. It just don't mix, especially when those you sweat and bleed with are in harms way. That's why the President has to be removed from office by the American people, and I believe it will happen.

    • I have never served but I must say, I believe ANY Admiral or General in the US military is more qualified to determine ANY war /attack action than Obama. HE HAS NEVER SERVED EITHER and doesn't have the experience to make Military decisions. He should be taking orders from them, the experienced.

    • I may agree with the decision that he made to assist (and I do 100%), I find your comment, Brian, repulsive. I have never served in the military, but that has nothing to do with whether my opinions are valid or not. My father served in the military and I know the sacrifices he made and still makes to this day, some 40 years later. Your comments are meaningless and go against everything that my father and you fought for.

    • You make a valid point. Non-vets need to understand that there is a difference, both moral and practical, between the opinion of one of military-type background (I'd include intelligence agency-types as well) and others who never served in such a capacity.

    • I am a vet. And one that served under Adm G. I'd just as soon follow his order than let you sit and second guess while soldiers better than you die. I don't care what your opinion is and how long you're willing to wait for "the facts". The facts are this president is a traitor and a liar. If everyone in the military was like you, there'd be a lot more dead soldiers.

  2. At this time these are only allegations and speculation. Before everyone goes off possibly jousting at windmills, let's wait for confirmation. If these rumours are, in fact, true, then it is only a matter of time before someone leaks proof. And yes, I served.

    • CWO, I would have to say that some facts are very hard to deny at this point. Lets start with the lie that persisted for wreaks that it wasn’t a terrorist attack. Next lets look at the four dead men we have, one found slumped over his machine gun. The radio transmissions pleading for help. I might be speculating here but, we have two top officials relieved of duty and their statements to the press that are very damning. I think the American people are tired of “technically” “officially” “off the record” and other BS terms used to hide the truth. People need to stop hiding behind the legal system and stand up and take responsibility for what they do.

  3. I served too….I really do NOT want to believe this but given the depths to which the Obama regime will descend to, it wouldn't surprise me….

  4. This is precisely why Obama is telling everyone…on the internet and on tv, to vote early. He knew the sh– was going to hit the fan. If I were undecided as to my vote, as I am not, I would certainly make a decision, now, and not to vote for a person literally giving away our country to Islamic terrorists…on purpose!

  5. I have read this all over the net, and it concerns me deeply. But is there any confirmation on this? The old saying "where there's smoke there's fire" comes to mind…

  6. As a proud veteran, I've never seen such a time when white people have questioned wartime presidential leadership as much as they do now, no matter how stupid leadership have been in the past. Now, we've seen President Reagan strike a deal with terrorists, train communist fighters and supplied arms to Iran. G.H.W. Bush lied about this involvement in the the Iran-Contra scandal, G.W. Bush broke many treaties and the Geneva Convention to start an unjust war, and you MFs want to scrutinize the Black President over some mess he's trying to clean up? When you get an order to Stand Down, stand yo ass down! LOL, Is there ever a time when you should not follow your Command-in-Chief's orders as military personnel? These white generals had no respect for their Commander-in-Chief for personal reasons. If their personal issues with black people interfere with their military duties, then they flat asses need to get yanked out of a job. 🙂

    • That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. No one said anything about race except you. This has nothing to do with race. If you had ever served, which clearly you haven't, you would understand why someone wouldn't want to "stand down" when they know they have the ability to help. If any of the reasons were personal, I would say they were personal because, in your own words "These white generals" have shed blood, sweat and tears with enough soldiers, sailors and marines to gain a type of respect for them that I wouldn't expect you to understand. Having served myself, this is the very type of General I would want to serve under. That being said, have a nice day K.H.

      • i'm with you, justsayin'. I have never served, but several people in my family have. I have more respect for this General than I do for the president.

      • KH are you stupid, I am a black man and a veteran of the U.S. Army and fought and deployed 4 times to a war zone. You have no clue because you do not understand when a brother in arms are calling for help and you are willing to put your life on the line to save them. You are a stupid idiot moron. You do not follow unjust orders when you know you can save a life. Every order you idiot is not a just order no matter who it comes from and that’s why some orders can be disobeyed you idiot! Whether the admiral or general was white or black they have the right to questions some orders you idiot! Why am I even responding to some ignorant idiot who is a armchair quarterback. Just like Jack Nicholsen said in a Few Good Men, until you pick up a weapon and stand guard, I don’t give a damn about your worthless statements! The president should be I impeached for treason!

    • K. H.,

      I'd call you a moron but that would be too insulting to morons everywhere. Take your petty racism to your therapist where it belongs. To say Clinton was questioned over military affairs would be an understatement, but then, why am I trying to reason with you? Its like trying to talk to a deaf person.

    • I'm not sure replying to such a completely racist individual is worth the time, but here goes. *If,* BIG if, you were really in the military, you know that not all orders must be followed. If they are illegal, immoral, unethical, and/or against policy, you are not obligated to follow them. Hitler's troops claimed they were "only following orders" when they butchered millions of Jews. That BS didn't fly at the Nuremberg Trials, and the Nazis were executed.

    • Racism is so UGLY, MINDLESS, and EVIL! K.H., your racism makes me SICK! Why do you look at everything and everybody in terms of what color they are?! That is so stupid and shallow. Shame on you!

    • Your "black" president(since you have to make it about race to begin with) has never held any military position to begin with… what does he know-not as much as those who are in hot water now, that's for sure. He and his socialist agenda need to hit the road…as far as i know, this is the first time that neither canidate has served..it should be mandatory

    • If Obama is an example of how an African American President leads this country then perhaps we should be more racist.

      He is more Arab and White than African anyway……he just uses it to his advantage.

    • My husband is serving right now. I may be just a spouse, but I've been around enough grunts and people of higher command to know that just because someone says to stand down…doesn't mean you HAVE TO FOLLOW IT! I know this may sound bad. However pay attention to what I'm about to say. IF YOU ARE GIVEN THIS ORDER FROM THIS PRESIDENT: Kill anyone who approaches as they ARE a threat….then you as a soldier (if you have no compassion or conscience) will comply. HOWEVER, when you are an actual person, and think about your order…are you really going to kill a mother who is caring a newborn baby towards you? Yes I understand it could be trick…but who are you to know for a fact….or a woman comes up and she's in labor…are you going to shoot her bc he said so? no there are instances where you can disregard the order…you may get in trouble, but take it up with the media and i'm sure it'll wear off. Now if they were offering help, then why should he get fired? Is it wrong to go help your brother in arms, or an ally? exactly…and no one said anything about race…just you…fix your shit dude.

      • Quite true. There is NOTHING in either the Constitution OR the Military Code of Conduct which says you should obey a patently illegal order…and an order to abandon ones compatriots most assuredly IS an illegal one…at the very BEST an immoral one.

    • …and you're an idiot if you think this has the LEAST thing to do with the races of either Obama or these flag officers.

  7. Duty Honor Country Woods and Doherty should posthumously be recalled to active duty and awarded the Medal of Honor. Whoever ordered the stand down failed on all three.

    • You are wrong. Poor people of all color joined the Military for a job and benefits. Except for when the Draft was in effect, during Nam War specifically, joining was a choice. Even when it wasn't just as many young, white people were drafted as well as "minorities". Those who did join learned what true "brotherhood" was about not some street cred "bruh" stuff. They covered for each other and some even lost their lives for each other. You are shameless and lessen the honor of the Black people who have served admirably and with courage. Shame on you!

    • KH, you don't know crap. Look at the stats…WWI: almost all casualties were white. WWII: almost all casualties were white. Korea: almost all casualties were white. Vietnam was mixed. Current wars are mostly white with some Hispanics. Blacks account for less than 10% of casualties in Iraq and less than that in Afghanistan. …and the poor don't serve in the military, the patriotic do. You had better go…your Black Panther meeting is in 30 minutes.

    • Try to remember ( it's only been a little over a month now) that those 4 people that died……were white…just sayin'

  8. Manchurian?? I think so. Hope everyone is and votes accordingly. Vote for what is best for our country. Not who has the prettiest smile.

  9. This has made me sick. Never have I EVER lost so much respect for a president as I have recently. I grew up respecting authority, and knowing the difference between right and wrong. Obama was WRONG. He did the WRONG thing, and this General had every reason to NOT stand down. You don't send people into harm's way and leave them out to dry when it hits the fan. You just don't, no matter what. Gosh, I have no idea what goes through a person's mind when they make a decision to do something so pathetic. Our president is a coward.

    • "President"Obama aka Barry Soetoro,aka Frank Marshall Davis Junior IS NOT a LEGAL PRESIDENTof the USA! Obama when after taking the oath of office in 2009 he IMMEDIATELY SEALED all of his personal documents FROM the American people so that Americans would NEVER FIND OUT his TRUE IDENTITY! Only an ENEMY combatant hater of America would take actions that Obama has.With over one year remaing in his official term as "president"IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS MUST BEGIN IMMEDIATELY to REMOVE this FRAUD before it's TOO LATE for America's survival!GOD HELP AMERICA TOO SURVIVE THIS ONSLAUGHT FROM INSIDE USA GOVERMENT BY EVIL OBAMA!

  10. Here we go again hearing about race being the issue. Give it up. If I started say "you black people….", I would be immediately criticized. If a black person says it, it is ok.

  11. First of all, I served in the Air Force for 21 years, retiring 18.5 years ago. I have the utmost respect for authority and chain of command, as I served, starting out on the enlisted side, at the age of 18, and retired as an officer through a lot of hard work. I served with people of all races, people of character & integrity, many people whom I am still in touch with–for me, this is, indeed, NOT about race! President Obama, by his actions (or intentional lack thereof), indeed, has blood of all these innocent men on his hands! There seems to be no conscience in all of this on his part–it makes me sad that our country has seen an EXTREME MAKEOVER these last 4 years! Truth will, indeed, prevail because God is Obama’s final judge in the end. General Ham, is obviously a man of quality character and a man of stalwart, moral conscience. This situation reminds me of the Biblical account of Pontius Pilate literally washing his hands of his decision to have Jesus crucified. God bless and comfort those families who lost their loved ones in this attack, give General Ham the courage to speak the truth to those who will listen, and bring Your swift justice to the evildoers involved in this tragedy. In Jesus’ Precious Name I pray, Amen

  12. I find this news very disturbing and I'm sure all of the story will eventually come out. I respect all of our military personnel; their sacrifices for our country are immeasurable. The thing that disturbs me is the African-Americans in this country who keep throwing the race card every time Obama gets his hand slapped. I don't see people according to color, I see them as people, just like myself. Obama's made some big mistakes and has nothing to do with his ethnic race but rather his inability to lead this country.

  13. Never served, due to surgical pin that led to 4-F. But I don't have to "walk in the boots" to know the actions of this administration in the matter are suspect. The only scenario I find even imaginable to bring about a stand down order would be if infiltration of enemy ranks had been accomplished to some degree and ppl on the inside were being protected. But I can't imagine that scenario playing out in a situation where American lives are put on the line for some imaginary "greater good" or whatever it might be called, that may or may not play out in some future turn of events, so I tend to discount that possibility as a huge stretch. Kudos to those who responded out of duty to their fellow countrymen.

  14. There are so many debacles of the Obama administration, it's difficult to believe he still has the support of anyone in America. He was not qualified and now we all are paying the price. We are more divided than ever and our liberal media is still protecting him. At least when Romney is elected we won't have have that problem, the media will be on him 24/7. May the heroes of Benghazi rest in peace and the truth finally prevail.

  15. http://www.federalnewsradio.com/412/3095845/Navy-

    "The Stennis group deployed from Bremerton in late August and had entered the Navy 5th Fleet's area of operations in the Middle East on Oct. 17 after sailing across the Pacific. The Stennis made port visits in Thailand and Malaysia on its way to the Middle East."

    I'm confused. They weren't even in the area on Sept. 11th. How is Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette reassignment related to Benghazi?

  16. I did not vote for obama so he has never been my president.He was a divider from the word go and I believe he has supplied arms to our enemies.(sp?). Not race and no color would matter he is just not a leader,no way should he have ever been elected in the first term.Now I can only hope he is tried and brought to justice for the injustice he put on our heros.My son is captain in army and is almost @ 20 years.Son in law also army.May god please bless our country and our troops.

  17. Considering the STENNIS was around Hawaii on Sept 11….I really find this story hard to believe. The Admiral was no where near that area. Someone call the Onion!!


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  21. The wrong person was fired! OBAMA SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED IN 2008! WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE LETTING THIS FIRING HAPPEN? Obama killed the 4 Americans! This is outrageous! We need this navy Admiral back on his ship! He only tried to help save our Americans!


  22. As a former military member – serving in three different branches of service – all honorably, I cannot imagine what a nightmare it must be currently for any service member to deal with day to day. The rumor mongering, misinformation, lies, dirty backstabbing by underlings and higher ups' for promotions and brownie-points, bad leadership, bad attitudes, short supplies, mistreatment, fraud-waste-abuse, racism, being ratted on, bullying, homophobia, transgender phobia, gender benders, cross-dressers, lesbianism bullying, rape, sexual assault, sexism, as well as dealing with Satanists, Witches, Occultists, Muslims, and of course, Christianity is banned – therefore the conclusion is; the whole US military cluster-fuck under Obama must be a nightmare.