Sandy, Sandy, why, oh Sandy? (John Travolta)


There is precious little doubt, this is the song playing in most Democrat operatives heads this morning. If it’s not, it should be. For all the BOOMERS out there, we all remember the scene at the drive-in theater where John Travolta made his feeble attempts at getting a bit to frisky with the luscious Olivia Newton-John (Sandy). She of course re-buffed his advances, jumped out of the car and left us to hear Travolta’s rendition of the song ” Sandy “.

Sandy Why-Oh-Why is one of the lines in this musical score, and I am sure this is the line replaying at the Democrat National Headquarters today. The current weather reports are thus. Hurricane Sandy will be a three to four-day event. She is now according to (National Weather Service) the largest storm to ever hit America. Certainly not the most powerful, but the largest in terms of square miles. She has hurricane force winds extending out hundreds of miles from her center. This brings up several issues for the political world.  Let’s look at the many possibilities.

As of Monday morning October 29, here are the current conditions. Early voting has been cancelled in North Carolina, Delaware, Washington, D.C.. The public transit systems have been shut down in D.C., New York City, New Jersey and many more major metro areas. Over 7000 flights have been cancelled on the North East seaboard . So what does all of this have to do with the election? There is now zero doubt that with most of the trees still having leaves on them, tens of thousands of trees will be downed thus cutting power to millions of people. The amounts of water being dumped into New York City, experts are now saying will be unprecedented with waves of 11 feet poring into the Big Apple. Snow amounts range from inches to multiple feet inland as far as Michigan are now being predicted.

Do to the fact that a vast amount of support for Barack Obama is lower-income Americans, this could pose a very large problem for the Obama team. If the weather predictions are correct or accurate, this is going to be a huge problem for voters in Northern Ohio, Pennsylvania, Western New York and Southern Michigan. If the predictions are accurate, these areas will get snow measured in feet not inches. This snow will be on the ground in mass next Tuesday for sure. Then on top of that you still have the mass power outages that take sometimes weeks to repair.

According to all the political guru’s, the State of Ohio is within just a point or two. Could Sandy be the difference? Ohio is one of those states that is almost split. The northern half of the state being mostly union, minority and democrat. The southern half being republican and more conservative. This storm might very well suppress the voter turnout in the northern half, thus giving the win to Romney for Ohio. Is it possible? YES, it is very possible, in fact almost probable that this is what will happen. Not to be callous or rude, but the fact is, most people do not enjoy walking six blocks to vote in a foot and a half of snow. And the obvious numbers dictate that it won’t take very many to stay home to alter this election in Ohio.

Will Sandy play a role? Nobody knows for certain, but if the present predictions come to fruition, yes, she will play a major role in this election. I am also pretty sure that the conservative right will believe this is God’s way of altering this election. Nobody knows for sure, but it sure could be true. I can tell you for certainty, that if you dump two or three feet of snow across a wide swath of a Democrat strong-hold, yes, it will change things.

Sing on Democrats, and we will be singing ” Happy Days are hear again “!