EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) Explains The Real Threats To America


Promoting video gave permission slip to al Qaeda

By Alan Kornman

Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee gives an exclusive interview on the threats to America. Congressman Rogers gives an in depth analysis on several topics having national security importance. Topics covered include:

  • The Muslim Brotherhood’s level of engagement with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
  • (DHS) whitewashing of FBI documents erasing all references to Islamist adversaries.
  • Foreign and Domestic threats of concern to our national security agencies.
  • CAIR and other Islamist groups questionable past having a close relationship with our Federal law enforcement agencies.
  • The Benghazi cover-up and the need for a full investigation.

One of the major points from the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Rogers, is that until our government can openly identify who our enemies are, and the ideologies they’re working to further here in the United States, we will never be able to defeat them.