Obama Told You to Inflate Your Tires and You would be Fine. All would be fine!


By Dr. Phil Taverna

It was in 2008 that Obama told everyone to blow up their tires and we could stop drilling for oil! Now after all these years of Obama fables, do you really trust this president? I don’t hear much about that blowing up the tire thing. In all fairness a government agency printed something like this and some how and some way Obama called it most experts. It is like that global warming thing. If it gets warm outside that means something is wrong. So let’s tax it. Funny thing is: It gets warm every summer with or without Obama! And the liberals will always try to tax it!

Believe it or not but the government said we could save 18-19% of oil if we inflated our tires, tuned our cars, used the correct oil and changed our air filters. And that would amount to 68 million gallons of oil per day. So right off the bat Obama is a liar. The so called expert was talking about a lot of things. And the maximum fuel savings  one could expect… When you see words like could expect, may and so on, this is probably hypothetical garbage.

And that’s ok, if Obama could get one Democrat who drive 8,000 miles a year to keep the tires inflated that would amount to a savings of…
So 8,000 miles at 30mpg is 266 gallons of gas. So a savings of 8 gallons of gas a year. Which is about .02 gallons a day. We are going to be hard pressed to get to 68 million gallons of OIL a day.   It takes about 2 gallons of oil to produce one gallon of gasoline plus some by products like diesel and heating fuel

That would be a savings of about 240 miles of driving a year. That’s a lot of miles. I think speed and weight of car and efficiency of car would all need to be factored in. The climate and road conditions would be a factor. How much stop and go. When the car is sitting idling in traffic, the car is still burning gas and the tires have no effect in the usage of gas. And let’s also factor in how many people drive brand new cars. Most of these cars remain efficient for at least the first 3-5 years of the life of the car if not longer. I also would make a guess that most of this hypothetical garbage only applies to high speed driving. How much high speed driving does the average driver accomplish with under-inflated tires?

I think this study is one of those the sky is falling studies and it has no validity. But the point is that Obama used it as an example and a reason not to drill for oil. And I think he believes it. So some would say if he believes it then he is not lying.

If he is not lying, then he is too dumb to be president of the most prosperous country in the world. We need a leader not a cluck cluck guy. And a country’s prosperity is always proportionate to the energy they have access to. For example Japan will be cutting out nuclear energy production. They have no fossil fuels…That means their economy will need to support Japan and OPEC! Good Luck with that one.

With Obama everything is wrong. I think that is called pessimism. People use too much gasoline. Coal miners make too much money. Women don’t have enough contraceptives. Poor people don’t have health insurance. We deport too many illegal immigrants. And the middle class is doing just fine.

The economy has turned the corner and things are working.

We can go on and on but Obama is off his rocker. The bottom line is that we need more American Jobs. Clinton signed NAFTA and started the biggest exodus of American jobs to foreign lands. Does anyone including Trump honestly believe that the next four years will be better under Obama? People are scared!

In the next four years, will the 24 million people out of work be able to find  jobs? If Obama keeps raising taxes disguised as Obamacare the odds are not very good. I would say the odds are about the same as you saving .02 gallons of gas a day by inflating your tires properly. Now that is assuming your tires aren’t properly inflated now!

The funny thing is when Governor Romney said he would create 12 million jobs in the next 4 years, Obama’s  people called him a liar (fraud).

I don’t know about you but if Obama has no idea how to create 12 million real jobs in the next 4 years, then we are in deep dodo. A capitalist politician would argue that if Governor Romney can raise 12 million jobs in 4 years he could raise 24 million jobs in 4 years. Heck its politics, you can say anything you want!

But not liberal Obama. He calls Governor Romney a liar. That doesn’t make sense. Just because Obama hasn’t really created any jobs in 4 years, why not keep lying. Get Axel grease out there with Immelt with a little bit  of Buffet and say anything you want.

So let’s say Governor  Romney is so optimistic that he only creates 10 million jobs. Would that make him a better president than Obama? Let’s face it the liberal media would knock it down, but at the end of the day most Americans would be happy to see a growing economy not one that is stagnant and even with a barrage or mirage of defense contracts paid for by borrowed funds, the economy has only grown at 2% for one month of Obama’s four years. And he will tell his followers that the economy is turning around. No its not turning around.

Obama is just spending more money before the sequestration kicks in. Hey folks this is a joke. It is like term limits. You are never going to see cuts made voluntarily. Maybe it is time that the people demand that cuts be made universally across the board. That way no politics. Just 10%. Imagine if Obama and Michelle had to cut back their travel expenses by 10%. I am sure that the commuter in NYC and LA wouldn’t miss the traffic problems caused by the constant Obama  fund raising for the last  four years. Can’t the donors just mail it in!

Well at the end of the day pessimistic Obama will tell you what is wrong with the world and how he is going to fix it and he will find excuses not to. But as a community organizer he will look into it with yellow pad on lap! Community organizers don’t need to show results, they only need to facilitate discussions on accomplishing nothing! He has been doing the same thing for 4 years.

Governor Romney is a  proven leader and he is optimistic. Do you think  it is time to get the pessimist out of the White house?  It is time to look for the sunset and the sunrises rather than the earthquakes and the gloom and doom!

Aren’t you tired of the  pessimist  by the name of Obama? Are you ready for a change!



  1. I do so love when politicians, activists, etc. toss out numbers: they are so easy to refute. I remember some group said that 2,000 children go missing every day. OK, over the course of a year, that would be 730,000 children. Ummm, that's like twice the population of Pittsburgh!!! Where did they all go? Wouldn't someone notice if that many really went missing???
    Here's another: Gloria Steinem, while trying to get some women's rights(?) law passed, today said more women have been killed by their husbands than the total number of troops we have lost in Iraq, Afghanistan, and 9-11 combined. Of course, she had to say "over the past decade" which makes the death rate on a daily basis a very small number. But she choses some arbitray time line to a number larger than the sum of the three mentioned above in order to sensationalize her issue…….