Obama’s Totalitarian ‘Payback’


By Mr. Curmudgeon:

The freakishly weasel-like Valerie Jarrett warned Americans not voting for President Obama , “After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded; the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over and we have two judges ready to go.”

This is what President Obama meant when he told Russian arms negotiators that once his re-election was assured, he would have “more flexibility” to disarm Marxism’s longtime enemy – the American people. Jarrett means that Russia’s enemies are Obama’s as well. If Jarret sounds like a leather-coated member of the old Soviet Cheka, it’s because political opponents are targets that must be dealt with – liquidated if necessary.

Chief among Obama’s opponents is the United States Constitution. That is why, after we get what we “deserve,” the Stalinist Obama regime has two justices in the wings – ready to sweep from our tattered founding document what few legal protections are afforded citizens in the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Don’t kid yourself. This is not the bare-knuckled politics practiced in Chicago. This is the unmasked monster of totalitarianism.

Jarrett’s promised “payback” is why unseating this president on November 6 is so important – to relieve him of the totalitarian “flexibility” he and his cult followers so desperately crave.


  1. Treat the bitch like you would any other head wagging ghetto skank…emphasize her disgusting lack of feminine hygiene….comparisons of the anatomical area in question with toxic waste dumps,bus station toilets,and Los Angeles sewer pipes would be appropriate..

  2. Most of us who oppose the current administration are former military…what are you gonna do when we organize and fight back well armed and well trained?? BRING IT…

  3. Hey you Valerie Jarrett. I am not affraid of you and your threats. You are Godless, and I know the Alpha, the Omega, the begining and the end. I KNOW my creator as I have a relationship with him, and have been born again. Every knee shall bow and every tongue SHALL/WILL confess that Jesus Christ IS Lord, God Almighty. Greater IS HE that IS IN me, than he that is in the world. Wide is the way/path that leads to destruction and eternal damnation in hell, and many there be that will find/choose that way which will be supposedly the most popular, or the most politically correct way.. But,,,, narrow is the way that leads to righteousness and eternal life with God in heaven and few there be that will find/choose that way/path. You will reap. We will all reap what we sow good and bad. God's word is FOREVER settled in heaven, and in earth. Ya can't do evil, and do wrong, without consequence sooner or later, and ya can't hide from the Almighty God!

  4. Why are so many people wanting to embrace such an unbelievable agenda? No wonder they want to disarm us. Our government is declaring war on its citizens via a woman working for our President? And he is not firing her either, so he must agree with her – revenge he says….

  5. i am so tired of these threats and liberal b.s. you have NO RECORD to run on, you regurgitate the same crap from 2008, you give millions to terrorists, you abandon Americans when they are calling for help to go to Vegas and party, and then you have the NERVE to threaten the American people who have the right to NOT VOTE FOR YOU with "payback time" well, kiss my a$$….payback time is coming Nov 6th and we are not worried about your threats. WE ARE AMERICANS! WE ARE FED UP! WE ARE MAD! & WE ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK!

  6. Right. And, if Robme gets elected, you'll all be forced into Mormonism. No more caffeine for anybody, as the Mormons will take away your coke and pepsi. You'll all be forced to wear magic underpants and pray to false idols. Women will become subjugated slaves, forced into polygamy and freakish sex cabals. And, worst of all, Every male will have to wear the Mormon uniform – black pants, white shirt, skinny tie. Oh, the horror, the horror! Get a life, you pathetic trailer trash losers!

    • YOU are the trailer trash… and Mormon aren't like muslims – they dont force you to do anything, and they dont kill you if you drink caffeine. Get a life you pathetic trash loser… you muslim pig freak…

      • You keep thinking that. It's exactly what they want you to think. You're playing right into their sweaty little hands. Next thing you know, you're riding a bike through the trailer park, knocking on doors and handing our pamphlets urging people to try on the magic underpants. Maybe you'll lose a little weight, though, so it could be good for you.

    • It seems to me that Bloomberg and FLOTUS/mooch are the ones denying cokes, frenchfries, snack food, decent school lunches, etc. Romney has his beliefs…he doesn't drink, alcohol OR caffeine. However, it is reported that he keeps alcohol in his home, so that if his guests would like a drink, he can offer them one! Doesn't really sound like someone who is interested in shoving his beliefs down someone else's throat, now does it???

      • The alcohol is for Ann. She needs to drink to forget the pain of that abortion she had in college and her son's secret homosexuality. Not to mention Mittens' erectile dysfunction problem. Poor little rich girl.

    • It's uneducated people like you who hurt this country. Romney was Governor of Mass. for 4 years. Did you see all of them being forced into Mormonism, polygamy or anything else?!!! Maybe if you actually took the time to find out what the LDS church is really about instead of getting your opinions from other idiots you would know they don't force ANYTHING on ANYONE including their members. Go ahead a vote for Obama if you want to find out what it REALLY means to be told what, when and where you can do anything!!! I don't know about trailer trash but you're definitely a pathetic loser!

    • You are one DUMBASS and you insult the name Bob. You are the one already wearing skanky underwear. Most likely Skankie Jeratts stinky underwaer you sick piece of crap. If you really had a real Mother she should have aborted your ass by taking a good long crap. You make this American sick! When the war starts;What rock will you be hiding under so I can find you.. I'm ready for my second war. I already served in one.

      • You just insulted the Mormons. It's "magic underpants", not "skanky underwear". And, my mom already tried to abort one piece of crap, but it lived and she put it up for adoption. I always wondered what happened to it. Now I know. Brother Bob! I've found you at last. Now go away.

      • Not sick at all. Just enjoying the great life that liberalism has brought to our great country. 40 hour work weeks. Women voting. Blacks marrying whites. Abortions free and legal. Gays on television and in our hearts. A black guy in the white house for four more years. You losers don't know how good you've got it. Go out in the world and enjoy all the benefits of being liberal. You'll feel better about yourselves.

    • bob – It will be liberal douchers like you that will make up our target rich environment. It's ok, you can try to run, but we have been expertly trained by the military to hit moving targets at center mass.

        • Wow…you resort to little kid name calling…AND disrespecting a hard working veteran. You are the uber liberal left that lives communism to its core. Your time is coming….

          • And proud to be so. I learned so much from the tea partiers. It's amazing how freeing it is to just say what you really think and not give a good god damn what anyone else thinks or if it will hurt anyone's feelings. I mean, really, equating a few dumb comments to communism? How great did that make you feel? Like a powerful demon, right? Carry on my wayward son.

  7. They must be drinking the worst kool aid ever. I'm damn confident that the American loving citizens will not stand for it. This we'll defend.

    • How long does it take to clean a trailer? Get off your ass and get moving, stevie. The roaches are carrying off last Friday's pizza crusts.

  8. Now who would Obama's minions exact revenge on if he's re-elected? The Tea Party, everybody in talk radio, Fox News, 95% of all small business owners, hundreds of black ministers and their congregations who have come to despise Obama, high-ranking members of the military, etc etc. That's a huge enemy's list made up of a lot of people who you wouldn't want as enemies. They'll be kicking the hornet's nest, big time.

    • The tea party doesn't need revenge. They're self destructing like all extremist fringe groups do eventually. Fox News is entertainment, not news, and those pablum to those who watch it. It keeps them off the streets and out of the way of decent citizens. Small business owners are doing just fine. It's the big business that you should worry about. THEY sent your job over to China so they could make more money to fill the tanks in their private jets. And, yet, you people kiss their asses like they're god to you. No one cares about black ministers, anyway. When was the last time you had one over for dinner? Thought so. The military hates Obama so much they gave up on DADT, so your son could come out as gay and still be in the army. The only enemy here is intelligence and you're losing agains it. Have a nice day in church and pray for four more years of a great president.

    • Shannon the black folks are rising up against what the democrat liberal agenda has done to them. The democratic party has used this base for decades and now after watching real hope and change and what it has done for them, some are waking up. The fact is the black youth have never suffered such unemployment. The schools are beyond scary. The areas are disgraceful and NO one should have to live this way. The black politicians are as corrupt as they come and do nothing but promise with no return. Everyone deserves better and if the gridlock is lifted in those areas the blacks will be free again. I am glad to see you post with common sense and dignity. We will over come this and we will do it together. NO more hate spewed from this administration and I am not afraid of the threat! To hell with them

  9. In YOUR case "BOB", you are the guy with no arms/legs floating in the CELL POOL OF LIBERAL IDEOLOGY. Turn off that "liquid manure nozzle" just below your nose and give the world a break.

  10. I have looked and can’t find what kind of proof there is that she said this. I totally believe it…its part and parcel of their totalitarian dreams. I want to spread it, but want to know the details, to have an answer ready when people ask “how do you know she said this.” Can anyone let me know? I don’t know how anyone’s blood won’t run cold hearing his….

    • Because it's not true. It's something some idiot made up and lots of other idiots fell for it. This one must be a real stretch, since even Fox News (sic) won't touch it. And, they'll pile onto any piece of shit that spews forth from the right wing whackos.

  11. Update.

    Obama was re elected. Now will see what happens. My take is he will be in trouble with Congress big time before he will push any agenda he has for second term.

    Plus, the Brotherhood radicals he supported is going against him. More trouble as well.

  12. Most of the people who have left comments need to take a course in political philosophy and logic. Your comments are completely incorrect. It's logically impossible for Obama's "socialist" and "left" agenda to result in totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is actually a right-wing concept (shocking that your beloved right-wing ideologies are associated with totalitarianism?), and it's not an ideology like conservatism, fundamentalism, or socialism. It's a methodology by which ideologies can reach any end in mind…like what the Christian crusades did, or radical Islamic fundamentalists attacking the WTC. Here's the problem with both sides, left and right…they prey on the ignorant and flat out mislead. The left calls all Republicans "fundamentalists" (which an example of a fundamentalist group would be the West Borough Baptist Church) and the right calls Obama a totalitarian, or a socialist (when he's actually a neo-conservative). So please, stop this totalitarian non-sense and the conspiracy theories. No one is coming for your guns, it's just a good idea to put restraints on who can own one. It's not that your not capable of not killing anyone driving 120 MPH, but as a general rule…that's safer for everyone if we don't let people drive 120MPH whenever or wherever they want (that's called an analogy). No one is taking away the 2nd Amendment, no one is confiscating your guns, no one is becoming a totalitarian leader.