By Any Other Name, It’s Still Treason


©2012 by Anthony James, all rights reserved

Of all the deceptions foisted upon the American public by President Barrack Obama, and they are legion, the most recent and quite possibly the worst has been the lie about the “…riot over a video that got out of control in Libya…”

It has come to light that when United States Ambassador Stevens was murdered in Benghazi on September 11th, President Obama and his Security team watched the slaughter unfold via satellite video feed in the White House Situation Room. So Obama and his cabal knew from the very outset that there was no riot. No “spontaneous” demonstration got out of hand. From the very beginning, Obama and his team knew that no rioting mob had ever existed. This was a terrorist attack.

That the president would dissemble upon the cause of the assault is troublesome. Most people want to believe their president. Most also, however, simply do not trust their elected officials, and with good reason. An innate distrust of politicians is both a healthy thing, and an unfortunate reality of modern-day life. Generally speaking, these vermin have earned our skepticism, in spades. So it is not of any particularly dire moment that Obama has spun his 3,785th fib for the cameras.

Most of his more ardent Kool-Ade sautéed groupies don’t even care that he cooked up this fable just so that his stump speech about “…Al Qa’eda is on the run and Bin Laden is dead…” didn’t have to be re-written. He has so few laudable accomplishments as president, such spindly legs with which to support his argument that he deserves another four years, that to lose what he sees as his trademark, football-spiking, street-cred-building quip about “smashing terrorism” would be a hustings-crushing disaster. Like any good Progressive will do when faced with a problem, Obama trotted out the first Rule For Liberals: “A lie in time saves nine…”

But for America, a far larger truth lurks and looms—and portends of a far more pernicious truth than just Dear Leader having lied about the deaths of four American heroes for his own criminal political gain. Nobody seems to have noticed this larger, unspoken truth yet, and it really deserves our consideration before this coming Tuesday.

What would have happened if nobody had challenged this Administration’s version of events? For the sake of this discussion, assume nobody questioned the White House’s version of events that night—that a crowd driven to madness by an evil American video insulting Islam got out of hand, and deaths inadvertently resulted.

If Obama and his minions in the White House, and his acolytes in the Media had been allowed to spin their tale of a “riot that got out of hand,” do you realize what would have been the outcome? It would have been that the actual murderers were given a cover story pointing the finger at others, and they would have been allowed to go scot free.

The Muslim terrorists who murdered our Ambassador would have been given cover, and a free pass, by the President of the United States. That would have been the result.

This giving of aid, comfort or shelter to America’s enemy combatants during an armed conflict with us does have a name. Call it what you will, by any other name, it’s still treason.

It’s time for this clown to go. He’s gone well beyond being merely useless. He’s now officially dangerous.

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