Viewing Obama’s Loss As Historically Inevitable


C. Edmund Wright, in American Thinker, has written a blunt pre-election historical perspective on the rise and fall of the 50-year Democrat experiment with Leftism, culminating in Barack Obama’s failed presidency.

Wright’s bottom line is that failure was inevitable.  As he says (emphasis added):

You see, Barack Obama and his statist agenda have failed because they could not possibly succeed.  In a way, electing Obama was liberal America’s dash off a cliff — and the 2012 election is merely the day they officially make contact with the ground.  There has been no other outcome possible.  The pundits and the pollsters can argue political gravity all they want — and they certainly have for the majority of the past four years — but truth does not require validation from those who refuse to acknowledge it.  Truth is…period.  The next thud you hear will be the unhappy realization of this fact from many on the left.  Their philosophy works only in theory and never passes the reality of human nature.

Everything Obama and his cohorts in the media, academia, union halls, Congress, and the crony capitalist world believe in is fraudulent.  There was never going to be any economic recovery on their watch because they haven’t the foggiest how an economy works.  There was never going to be any new-found love of America overseas because they have no clue what it is about America that has made us the shining city on a hill in the first place.  There was never going to be any job-creation because no one in Obama’s bubble has ever created one.  There was never going to be any racial reconciliation because Obama was a post-racial fabrication of perverted white guilt and black rage.  There was never going to be a pristine future powered by windmills and solar panels because neither the business nor the scientific model for such technologies shows any possibility of success.  There was no way Obama would do a good job, because he’s never had a real job.

Refreshingly unequivocal, no?  Wright goes on, still writing as if Obama has already lost:

… Obama did not lose the election in the Denver debate.  He did not lose the election in Roanoke with the “build that” speech.  He did not lose the election with the disaster in Libya.  Denver, Roanoke, and Libya all happened because of who Obama is.  They are not events that happened “to him.”  If it hadn’t been these specific events, it would have been others.  He is who he is, and after four years in office, there was never going to be any escaping that.  The real Obama, exposed, would never be accepted by a majority of Americans.

It does not matter a whit that the specifics of ObamaCare, the suit against Boeing, the Gulf moratorium, Dodd-Frank, and the canceling of Keystone were not known at the time.  It is not relevant that names such as Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, and Anita Dunn were not familiar in 2008, either.  Every one of these policies, and every one of these people, was utterly predictable.

I must have heard 100 times from Democrats and their servile media pundits that we were shedding over 700,000 jobs per month in January, 2009.  Of course, they lay this all on George Bush, neglecting to mention the “leadership” of Pelosi and Reid through 2007-2008 when government spending skyrocketed.  In any event, this rapid job loss is somehow supposed to give Obama extra points for “degree of difficulty” in bringing the country back.  I’ve always wondered why Conservatives have not used the obvious rejoinder that Wright provides:

Business owners, knowing Obama better than conservative pundits, shed 2 million jobs in 90 days starting in November of 2008.  Those jobs are still gone, and they still matter today.

Had I been an employer in and around that time, I too would have looked to reduce payroll as a precaution, if not a necessity. I would have feared Obama might make it difficult or even illegal to do so later on, as the fictional US Government did in Atlas ShruggedIt’s already happening for real in France.  It appears that many of America’s real employers began “going Galt” in the months surrounding Obama’s election.  What might they do if he manages to win another term?

I suppose conservatives can take some comfort in Wright’s assertion that Obama and his entourage of crypto-neo-Marxists “never could have succeeded.”  But I would add: only if someone stopped them.  With all due respect to Mr. Wright, I contend that if it weren’t for the conservative awakening and the resulting free-market, limited-government, fiscal-responsibility push-back, Obama and the Left might well very well have succeeded in turning us into a Venezuela or an Argentina, that is, a virtual socialist dictatorship.  And it’s not over yet.  No matter what, they’ll re-group and try again.  Win or lose on Nov 6, the hardest part of an American recovery and renewal still lies ahead.

Wright’s full article may be found at this link.

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  1. So right that when they lose next week, they will be regrouping over the next four years and be coming back at the people as never thought of before. I do think that they prematurely jumped the gun when they pushed BHO to run in 2007 and found they were not as ready to break the American will as they had "hoped". . The "Change" He promised was not what the people wanted after he began to let it out into the light.