Tomorrow…America rises


Written by: Diane Sori

Posted: Nov. 5th, 2012

Tomorrow America goes to the polls to determine our future.  Will America be, as the song says, on the ‘eve of destruction’ or will America be on the verge of a new beginning…we will know that in a matter of hours.
I know how nervous we all are…I admit even I am to some degree, but I have said since day one that I believe with all my heart that Mitt Romney will win and win big, and I stand by that conviction.
I also know that when Barack HUSSEIN Obama asks Americans to vote for revenge red flags should rise, for revenge is NOT what America is about.  America is about ‘liberty and justice for all,’ and above all else America is about freedom.
And who is his revenge against…it’s against ’We the People’…Barack HUSSEIN Obama wants revenge against Americans.
So when Mitt Romney asks we Americans to vote NOT for revenge but for love of country, I know for me my choice was well founded and right, for here is a man who honors our great country, who respects ‘We the People,’ and who will restore what Obama has stolen from America…her exceptionalism and all that has made her the greatest nation the world has ever known.
The time for political rhetoric has now come to an end.  The campaigning is over and the sides have been clearly drawn.  Do we head further down the path towards European style socialism (or worse) as Obama wants, or do we return to the principles laid down in our Constitution as Romney wants…I know we patriots know the answer to that…now I pray that the rest of Americans do too.
‘We the People’ know that our economy still flounders under the failed policies of this president, as his so-called recovery is moving ahead at a snail’s pace if it’s even really moving ahead at all.  We Americans are hurting and hurting bad…out of work, out of money, and some out of hope.  America cries under a president who spends more time on the golf course and appearing on mindless talk shows than he does meeting with those he needs to meet with to get a handle on what is truly happening in the county he is supposed to love and honor but which we know he does not.
And sadly, ‘We the People’ now are governed by a man who ‘leads from behind’ if you even can call what he does ‘leading’…a man who has NO respect for our military or rightly they for him…a man who has NO trouble siding with our enemies against the very country he was elected to lead.
Can America as we know and love her survive intact under the stewardship of another four years of Barack HUSSIN Obama…I think not…nor can she survive under all the cover-ups and lies spewed forth by this man on a daily basis.  Our dead from Benghazi need to rest in everlasting peace but cannot as long as this man is allowed to defame them with his untruths about what happened that fateful night.
But it goes even beyond all this to a man who does NOT believe in God and country, but who is all about himself…his wants, his misguided vision, and his determination to rewrite our Constitution and ‘We the People’ be damned.
So on the day before the most important election of our lifetime, I remember all these things and more…so much more that Barack HUSSEIN Obama has done to shame and dishonor our great nation in the eyes of the world…in the eyes of ‘We the People’…and most importantly in the eyes of God.
And I know that Mitt Romney is indeed the hero on the proverbial white horse charging to the rescue of everything we Americans hold dear.  With Mitt Romney America has a future…with another four years of Obama we have NOTHING…NO hope, NO dreams, and NO future.
We Romney volunteers have worked so very hard to help Mitt in his mission to restore our beloved country to her roots as intended by our Founding Fathers…the roots of a Judeo-Christian nation founded upon God-given morals, values, principles, and ideals…the very core that separates us from all other nations…for we are a nation that beckons all to her shores, giving all the chance to be free.
Under the leadership of Mitt Romney that will remain true…under another four years of Barack HUSSEIN Obama it’s over, as our beloved America will become NOT only unrecognizable to us but to the world as well.
So as you cast your vote tomorrow please vote like America’s very survival depended on it, because my friends it does…it surely does.


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