The Success of Barack Obama


Today is November 6th, 2012. As I write this we still have four hours before the first polls close bringing to a close what has become the most important election in most our of lives. This election brings us back to the Revolution of 1776 for the outcome of this election is the very same as the outcome of the Revolution – Tyranny or freedom!

The colonists made their claim of sovereignty to the world through the Declaration of Independence. Thanks to Providence, the colonists won the Revolution and then moved to create our Republic. The Declaration provides the philosophical basis for the nation. Now we needed something that would create a governmental structure demanded in the Declaration. The Articles had failed miserably and we almost lost the war due to its weaknesses. So, Americans took up the challenge and the Constitution was birthed with the sole purpose to (1) chain government and (2) created a government who protected our unalienable rights. As the Constitution convention ended and the men involved left the building they had been holed up in for the last four months a woman challenged Ben Franklin. What have you given us was her question. A republic, he responded, if you can keep it.

But how do we keep this Republic? There were certain things which the founders believed were essential to achieving this goal. The Declaration must remain the philosophical basis of our nation, a nation whose philosophy is to be built upon Christianity. The Constitution must be viewed as chains, as Jefferson stated, to restrict the power of government so that it will not run roughshod over our unalienable rights. It also demands a citizenry who is educated and actively involved in reigning in the statesmen they send to Washington and the state houses of their respective states. Additionally, the founders believed that civic virtue was and is the most important characteristic a statesman can possess. This civic virtue is built upon the religious virtue as found in Scripture. Civic virtue built upon Biblical virtue would create a statesman who allows himself to be guided and restrained by the Declaration and Constitution. I am sure that there are other aspects which the reader might want to add but these are the general tools essentially needed to keep this republic.

Which brings me to our present situation. We have been asleep. I will say it. I have been asleep. I apologize. As a minister, I have focused on the Biblical essentials which our Founders demanded without realizing it. Yet, I did not apply those Biblical principles to the civic government thereby not helping to keep the Republic as the Founders hoped Americans would. Eventually, I woke up as did millions of Americans. I thank Obama. He, unknowingly, became the real cause of the Tea Party movement, a movement he despises utterly. I realize there are many “causes” a person might point to as what helped to give birth to this movement and the movement’s birth might have had numerous causal factors. But if McCain had been elected the Tea Party probably would not have existed at least at this time.

This now brings me to Obama. My apathy helped to create the environment in which Barack Obama was elected to what is mistakenly called the highest office of the land. The founders would disagree. Nevertheless, this apathy lead to a first. The election of a Marxist to the Presidency. There are numerous socialists and Marxists in the Congress as well as in State offices. I have not forgotten Woodrow Wilson nor FDR, others. These individuals were clearly socialists but not Marxists. I also have not forgotten about Obama’s Islamic ties. Today, November 6th, 2012, is the culmination of a four year battle, for some longer, to reassert our heritage to leave the right legacy to our children.

We all remember Obama’s famous words during his 2008 campaign that he wanted to spread the wealth. Constitutionalists rightly becried Obama’s Marxist philosophic underpinnings. During the third 2012 debate Obama claimed that we needed to do nation-building in America. Nation-building is the attempt to revitalize the political and economic vestiges of a failed State (nation). Additionally, in this debate he continually equated the nation with himself. The message was simple. He is the nation, the nation has failed philosophically and we need to rebuild it in his Marxist image. In November 6th Obama claimed that “. . .we all deserve a shot at our own American Dream.” Our own American dream? Americans have always viewed the American dream monolithically but in this final rally Obama is calling for his own American dream, a dream which seems to differ radically from the traditional American dream, a dream which includes a radical reimaging of America’s philosophical basis. In the vast majority of Obama’s speeches if not all of them, he has claimed to have succeeded where everyone else has failed and miserably. My wife asked me how Obama could claim to have been so successful when all the numbers show he has miserably failed to unify this nation and revive the economy that both parties helped to destroy.

It is a good question. We have heard from Obama himself that this election is about two fundamentally different views of America. He is right. Yet, the MSM and Fox have refused to tackle this issue. Rush just started. Hannity and especially Levin have done a better job revealing why Obama could claim to be so successful. It is simple. Obama and the neo-democratic party is fighting to reimage America according to the Communist Manifesto and Das Kaptial. The rest, for the most part, are fighting to restore the Declaration and Constitution as the law of the land, a government that protects our unalienable rights and is chained by the Constitution. The difference is between Marx/Mohammad and the Founders. Most of you who read this know these facts. What we do not want to admit is that Obama, not really Obama as the neo-democratic party, has been very successful in achieving their goal, the goal of The Union of American Soviet States (UASS). The facts for this are clearly present. Undeniable.

This brings me to the future. Tonight’s vote might be the culmination of the Tea Party’s fight for the survival and success of our Constitutional Republic. But while it is a end to a specific past it must be viewed as a beginning of a specific future. We need to view the last four years as the pre-1776 political and military battles our fore-fathers fought for independence. During our last four years, many patriots have become tired having given so much fighting for our heritage and legacy. There are many patriots who have simply thrown up their hands and walked away from the fight as did so many soldiers under General Washington. This means that the patriots left our smaller in number and tired and yet, we are in no way even close to being in the same situation as were General Washington’s troops, troops who beat the British and bought our freedoms through indescribable courage. What sustained these courageous men and General Washington? General Washington believed that if it had not been for Providence, America would never have been born. All the Founders echoed Washington’s belief approvingly.

In three hours the numbers will start rolling in and we will begin to get a picture of what our immediate future might be. Nevertheless, we need to realize that beginning November 7th, we are now in post-July 4th, 1776 conflict. Yes, even if Romney becomes President because Romney is a good business man but he is not a Constitutionalist. What ought to scare patriots is not so much that Obama is a Marxist but rather that a Marxist was able to occupy the Presidency. This event did not happen in a vacuum but has a long history going back to Woodrow Wilson and even further into the past. The fact is the Revolution never ended it merely changed shape, form and titles. But now as in pre-July 4th, 1776 America, the Statists are have openly declared war against the people and because they refused to give in to the people it took a war to root them out. Yet, the war did not destroy them. They slowly, quietly and resiliently rebuilt themselves morphing into the neo-democratic party. Today, the Statists have openly declared war on our Republic and entrenched themselves within the governmental, educational, political, religious, judicial and Congressional structures of both county, State and Federal levels. This is what makes November 7th, 2012 the post-July 4th, 1776. We cannot merely vote many of these people out of the offices they hold. We will have to pry them out of these positions and that means a massive ideological war.

If we are to keep America from experiencing a third continental war we must win the ideological war. This will demand three things from patriots. First, we must realize that November 7th, 2012 is merely a transition in this battle, not the end. What happens in the next few hours will determine what we will have to do to win this conflict. Second, maybe we need to change our name to reflect this new phase of the battle. Tea Party went out of vogue among the Founders when the conflict morphed into the Revolution. The term often used was “Sons of liberty.” We have cast the tea into the sea. We have declared that the Statist will not control our liberties. It is now time to roll back the advances that the Statists are made and reassert the Declaration and Constitution. Third, we must transition from a issue oriented-group to an educational-oriented group. I am associated with a number of patriot groups and I have noticed that many groups focus on this or that issue. Clearly, we do need to know about the issues yet, we are in the position we are presently in because of the lack of education about America’s Declaration, Constitution and history. We will win this battle by winning the hearts and minds our children and those who might oppose us.

I want to thank all those who persevered in this conflict and tonight sit praying and watching the television as we wait to see the culmination of our efforts. Your courage, stamina and virtue has strengthened and encouraged me to remain in this fight. I look forward to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you in this new phase as we reassert our unalienable rights and to stop the Statists’ attempt at nation-building in the United States.

God bless.