Don’t Blame Romney; It’s Not All His Fault


By Deanna M. Murray

The supporters of our cause – whether it is the Social, Constitution or Fiscal Conservative cause – did not do all necessary to get our message heard, appreciated and absorbed by a voting America who based opinions on a biased, demonizing media.

We have, over the last year, continued to share our discontent, vocalize our agenda and preach the need for change to a choir already singing the same tune and internally, wearing it out.

Same people. Same song. Change the record. We knew what needed to be done but didn’t act on it. We were victimized by our own hype and hot air.

I’m just as guilty as anyone. I’ve spent hours talking about politics to like-minded peers. I’ve written emails rivaling college essays and I’ve also felt my responsibility to evangelize was being fulfilled because I was active within my own group of political allies and won the occasional Facebook political smackdown with some of my liberal friends.

But it has become clear it’s up to people like me and other ‘non-traditional’ conservatives to stand up and be heard. We are part of a party that is dying from the inside out – literally dying. We’ve built our principles great politicians, presidents and patriots of the past but have neglected to take those messages and make them relevant to an audience more interested in texting and video games than hearing about what is going on in the real world.

We have failed to put strong, young and relevant women in front of an audience that is grasping for something that speaks to them. Unfortunately, the liberals found this in a Georgetown graduate who was about as politically relevant as a tube of lip-gloss. We were once again reduced to the party who wants their women to resemble a 1950s, pearl-wearing June Cleaver. And for some unknown reason, we couldn’t counter.

We also weren’t able to make the right information relevant. We allowed a liberal agenda, based on twisted facts bind us into submission vs. taking these misguided notions to the mat.

Just within the last few weeks, I’ve had people close to me tell me point blank that ‘democrats support small business.’ I know this to be untrue as I grew up in a small business and still listen to my parents speak daily about how they are taxed to extensively they have to figure out ways to make payroll. But still … this is the message many of the liberal vote holds on to. They believe this they’re voting for the good guys!

We all know these perceptions couldn’t be farther from the truth.  But time and time again, we complain of a demonizing, bias and liberal media instead putting our heads down, rolling up our sleeves and changing the fighting rules on the playground. We’ve reacted. Not responded.

It is time for us to focus on the young vote – let’s help those who are just hitting voting age see what being Republican and what being Conservative is all about. We can do this by figuring out new and exciting ways to show our platform encourages innovation, celebrates success and it’s a party worth sticking with throughout adulthood. We also need to show that men and women, young and old, have voices within our party – that we represent every age group, every economic position and every ethnicity. These are the messages we need to get out there in abundance right now.

If pot-smoking hippies in several states can raise enough smoke to legalize a substance people in other states can go to jail for possessing, then we – with our numbers and resources should be able to get out our message of patriotic principles and constitutional values – both on which this country was founded and built.

And it seems pretty apparent time is of the essence. If illegal things can become legal, then it’s only a matter of time before some things we take for granted are taken away and our ‘adverse’ opinions fall on uncharitable ears.


  1. My message to Republicans:

    It's very frustrating to keep having to say this: the reason Obama is still in the White House is the same reason he got in there four years ago — abortion.

    If the Republican party could once-and-for-all embrace "choice" as part of it's platform, we probably wouldn't see another commie in the WH for decades. It's not just people wanting the free stuff who are to blame for Nov 6. I place as much if not MORE blame on the nutty religious freaks who won't let go of this issue. I am 100% convinced that if not for the party's official (and unofficial) stance on abortion, there would have been a Republican in the WH for the last four years, and for many more to come.

    The average American won't, and clearly isn't, putting up with this religion-based shit.

    Yes, I blame the Republicans for LOSING this. I hope the serious God-believers are happy now (again), that they didn't compromise their principles. F**k them, because they gave us Obama, again. They just can't grasp the idea of "If YOU don't want an abortion, don't have one." THEY want to impose THEIR RELIGIOUS beliefs on others. Gee…. kinda reminds me of… oh, I dunno, ISLAM?!

    THANK-YOU, Republicans – for FOUR MORE YEARS of Obama, you pious f**ks!

    • Amen fest. There all a lot of us out there that are Pro-Choice…But feel it's YOUR choice…not OUR Choice! So we are not willing to foot the bill for items in the budget WE DO NOT WANT TO PAY FOR any longer. We are tired of being held hostage by the Federal Government. If you prefer to use abortion for birth control…SHAME ON YOU…but I no longer wish to pay for it…and the judgement from that decision, will come from some OTHER power than me! I don't wish to pay for your birth control…you don't want to take the responsibility for making that step, it's between YOU and the individual you decided to be involved….I didnt ask,,,and I don't wish to be by paying for it….Pay for your own birth control. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! Novel Concept nowadays……

    • You have it so right. It's Abortion and Same Sex Marriage. That and the assumption by people that Conservatives don't want clean energy options and that we are nothing but a group of rich elitist who have no clue what it's like to struggle to put food on the table.

      I agree with you we need to embrace a persons "Choice" whether it be abortion or Same sex marriage. But we also need to get people to understand that No President can change the Supreme Court rulings of "Roe v. Wade" . A President stating that they are Pro-Choice is nothing more than political pandering. And as far as marriage laws go that has always been a 'State" issue Each state sets up their own Marriage laws and in some states it even varries from county to county So same thing there your President doesn't really even have any control over that. You want to address that with your local state legistlature. So basically two issues were involved in this election that may have swayed the votes of some people that In actuality will not be impacted whatsoever by who is in the Presidential Office.

      We need to get people to understand that when you vote it needs to be on the needs of the Country as a whole and not on the needs or wants of your particular little group. I know of several people myself who voted based on these issues alone. And I just want to say SHAME ON EVERYONE WHO VOTED BASED ON THEIR OWN 'PERSONAL INTEREST' AND NOT ON THE NEEDS OF OUR NATION AS A WHOLE.

      • So you're saying that I should abandon my Biblical principles so every woman that is inconveniently impregnated, or every fudgepacker that wants to marry his or her same-sexed partner, I should condone the act and offer to share in the expense?
        78623, must be the number of Pebbles in your head!

        • Don't abandon those "biblical principles." And then say hello to the next Obama in 2016. Go ahead……. enjoy the next Obama.

    • Abortion is murder of human beings. Plain and simple. If you were murdered, that would be a criminal act. So it is with unborn babies: a criminal act, taking the life of a person. No country can stay great without God and no country accepting what God condemns will stay great. It's not the "pious f**cks" who returned O the WH. It's the fraud that we saw in this election, and the illegal immigrants who voted in every state without ID requirements and those who simply feel entitled to vote themselves "stuff" from the govt.

      • Abortion is a wonderful tool.

        Question: What do you get when you feed poor Africans.
        Answer: More poor Africans.

        Go ahead. Enjoy another Obama after 2016 because of your bible.

  2. Great article!!!! I tried my hardest during this election to put the REAL news out and dispel the notions the Liberal media was putting out. I called the liberal media's headquarters and told them I was going to boycott their sponsors if they did not put the truth out. All of this, to no avail. I think you have the right idea. We need to get to work and SHOW what we are really all about and we need to start now.

  3. What the Republican party needs to do is stop with these Big Government Candidates. The Republican Party used to be about less government, and less intrusion. These Bush-era Neo-cons aren't attractive to people anymore, and I don't blame them. People flocked to Obama because they didn't want to deal with the neo-cons anymore, and putting one back in front of them isn't going to change matters. We need to platform on smaller government, and less infringement. We need candidates like Eisenhower and Reagan. Mitt Romney lost because he stood for everything the Democratic party stood for when they elected Bill Clinton. We don't need some moderate that's looking to both sides, we need a strong person who isn't afraid to stand up for individual liberties.

    I am a Registered Republican, and I am proud to be one, but I did not vote for Romney and will not be voting for these neo-cons any longer. We need real candidates, not ones that belong in the Democratic Party. We're the party of integrity, and we're better than that.

  4. Romney's loss and, obviously, Obama's win actually does have a lot to do with Romney. In the early part of the year when it was clear Romney would be the candidate for the GOP, Obama smartly began to thump Romney in political ads about everything from Bain Capital to his Mormon faith to his policies of GW Bush that "got us into this mess." Romney and company never responded in-kind and fought back until it was much too late. His victory in the 1st debate was mostly do to his ability to refute many of those ads … but it was too little, too late for many in key battle ground states like Ohio, Florida, etc.

    Now this being said … it brings me to the other key part of this equation: the progressive public education system. Because for the past 30-40 years the great public education system has been churning out mindless drones who under-achieve and can't stand the concept of red ink on their term papers, we've essentially gotten an electorate which is a bunch of progressive pablum-sucking incompetents who will believe anything the Alphabet Media kicks out to them as being gospel and has such a short attention span that those sizzling 30-second and 60-second smear ads get into their heads and stick … while real historical facts are white-washed and/or totally altered by this progressive educational machine. So in essence you get about 50% of all registered voters who have brains the size of peanuts that believe anything a Marxist professor tells them, a political ad about "killing Big Bird" rants at them, or a leg-tingling buffoon on a nightly news programs bloviates about.

    In other words …. the triumph of Obama is due in large part to a dumbing down of the electorate and the ingenious ways the progressive education system managed to brainwash literally millions of people into becoming mindless automatons for the Unions and the DNC … as well as the allure of seeing government under Obama as being "Santa Claus" and Romney as being made out to be "The Grinch" who would come along and shut down their endless care packages of birth control and death-on-demand after a night of binge-drinking and endless orgies. Romney did himself no favour by being "presidential" in his campaign style either, as Obama painted him out to be the "incumbent" since Obama had no real record to run on and the electorate – as stupid as they are – could not see this.

    We truly got what we deserved thanks to taking God out of our schools and replacing it with brainwashing and social justice. Our parents and grandparents screwed us when they turned a blind eye to this … and now all of us will suffer thanks to millions of people too stupid to no do their own homework and find out about things like Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the true character of Mitt Romney, that Mormons will not order you to stop drinking coffee just because they do not, that Big Bird is worth more than all of PBS and would easily survive, as well as many other ridiculous things harped on by the media and the Obama campaign.

  5. The problem is trying to compete with a party(Democrats) that will give everything to anyone for a vote.We are to do away with the law of the land and let everyone come illegally and give them everything they want.Hispanics and African-Americans are suppose to be 2 of the most religious groups there are but will vote for a party that goes against everything the Bible says.They vote for a party that worries about gay rights when I don't know that any sexual preference has any rights but will turn their backs on the most innocent.Now the preceding writer said the Republican party needs to be choice,willing to give everyone else their demanded rights but the unborn.No people need to start putting other human beings before their own selfish wants!

  6. Why didn't Romney put forth the questions that liberal news wouldn't? Yea, Republicans blew it by not bringing up the destructive income tax amendment; Roosevelt's own destructive welfare state agenda, which includes a collapsing social insecurity system. Tell the truth and talk about the hopeless numbers. Don't sit there and try to act like you can fix a broke machine. What difference was there? They both represent 2 sides of the same coin. Obama got 10 million fewer votes than last election and Romney 2 million votes less than Mccain. Oh yea, maccain. Another "republican". "There wasn't enough time to deploy troops to Benghazi." BS. EVERYONE knows we have rapid deployment forces on standby. Now you know why Romney wouldn't address it.

  7. Romney may be the most decent human being to seek elective office in the last 100 years. Romney has improved nearly every life he has had contact with. There are no skeletons in his closet. No fear that he was going to sully the office. This is the guy I hear everyone who supported Perot and everyone who says ‘I vote for the person not the party’ should be lining up behind. Successful in business, generous, moral, and entirely beyond the influence of earthly temptations (meaning he cannot be bought). His biggest flaw is he’s not an ideologue. Would I like to see a fire breathing constitutionalist with the ability to wave his hand and return the country to the constitutional republic it was designed to be? Sure I would. The bible back in school, immoral behavior frowned upon, largess cut off (yeah that means social security too). The court wouldn't be legislating from the bench so good bye Roe. But that’s not the world we live in. Like it or not the mess is bigger than one president can repair. We have generations who have bought into the socialism argument. And for those of you who say as a party the GOP should stop defending the innocent and the moral, shame on you! Go over to the DNC if that’s your opinion. In reality the vast majority of the country opposes abortion and homosexual marriage when the question is simply and clearly asked, its not even close.

  8. You are missing the point – repeal of unconstitutional laws at the state level is a success not just for civil liberties but more importantly, for those who support limited federal government.

    And google "Nullification" – we can use it to repeal Obamacare and other unconstitutional taxes and regulations to maintain a proper balance of power within our republican form of government.

  9. If you think pot-smoking hippies were successful in legalizing a state-regulated substance, and not experienced political activists with strong fundraising, boots on the ground, and a targeted message – and especially if you support Obama's armed federal agents using deadly force to trump states rights over a non-violent "crime" – and you want to grow the Republican party – you must be as high as Denver right now.

    We don't make dangerous books like the Communist Manifesto illegal, we trust people to make their own decisions about what to put into their minds – why not also their bodies? Should we support Mayor Bloomberg's ban on large bottles of carbonated beverages in New York?

    Besides, Marijuana got more votes than Obama in Colorado –

  10. Sanctity of life is not something to compromise on. It never has been nor ever will be okay to purposely destroy a life. Support of marriage between a man and a woman is also an issue where we don't sway and shift to meet the current social norms. They will continue to change and become more extreme. It didn't matter what message we put out, the media made sure it was stifled or distorted. Any time we try to make conciliations there is no hand reaching back from the democrats. It is the same with the Middle East. We can try to be their friends all we want and tell them we understand but they still hate us. Anyone who watched the RNC could clearly see we are not the party of a bunch of white, rich, elite men. We have the most intellectual, ambitious, hard working young minorities and yet that counts for nothing among the democrats. I do think we need to find a way to get the youth vote but it is not pandering to them or compromising or even changing our message. It is about how we raise our children. We have to take responsibility for what they are learning. My senior son had an assignment from his (liberal) AP Government class to look at both republican and democrat websites and answer questions. He remarked that the democrat website had zero information. He said their platform consisted of 1 paragraph of nonsense. The republicans however was 2 pages long with very specifics. He saw very clearly the difference. We must teach our children how to work hard, earn things as well as respect. We must also allow our children to fail and learn from it. We must teach our children to serve one another, especially when it's inconvenient. We must teach our children to push through discomfort and challenge to realize what's on the other side-success or lessons or both. We must teach our children to value life and that they are not entitled to anything they don't earn. If we do this in our homes, they will not leave and expect to be taken care if. Let's take some responsibility people!!! That is how we will get the youth vote!

    • <<Sanctity of life is not something to compromise on. It never has been nor ever will be okay to purposely destroy a life. Support of marriage between a man and a woman is also an issue where we don't sway and shift to meet the current social norms.>>

      Okey-dokey! Then don't even bother showing up at the voting booth in 2016, because you/we will lose again.

      Personally, I'm not gay, and don't really give a shit about who fucks who. How can that possibly be my business? Same with abortion — if I end up with my wife or girlfriend pregnant due to some awesome fucking and we know we couldn't care less about being parents, how is that YOUR business? You eat beef, don't you?

      Go ahead…. stand on your moral platform and dictate to me your morals……like a Taliban lord. And just keep saying hello to a Communist as the US President. That is exactly what thee shall receive.

  11. For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, He hath a devil.
    The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, Behold a man gluttonous, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners. But wisdom is justified of her children.

    The election was a values election just like the one before it but this time the DEMS got on the immoral values bandwagon. The gay marry anyone you want ,dont kiss dont tell rear admirals and abortions and birth control free and unfettered fed the mob. Like the crowd in Pin Ball Wizard the masses rebelled. They dont want the light They wish to remain in darkness. We are in a post Christian America.

    African Americans of course voted like sheep once agian. In lock step they voted in the high 90 percentiles Some sections of Philadelphia were 99% Obama. They reward 15 % unemployment with 4 more years.

  12. The loss of the election had to do with three things,

    1) The rejection of the absolutist Christian Right. The majority of the country supports abortion. PERIOD. Ignore that at your future peril. As long as you use words like murder and imply that pregnant women – even pregnant rape victims – should be jailed for abortions you will lose young women, an alarming number of which have been raped themselves.

    2) The targeting of Black and Brown minorities. The rejection of the Dream Act, the unnecessary voter ID laws without a scintilla of evidence that there was any in-person fraud and the general derision of minorities that I spy in these comments cost Republicans big. There are a lot of anti-abortion minorities and a lot of anti-gay marriage minorities. But the Republicans will NEVER get them as long as the perception is that the Republicans are a white party that will gladly take minority votes but plan in no way to work for them at all. As long as this is true the losses will pile up over time. Tens of thousands of Black and Brown people come of age in this country each MONTH.

    3) Mitt Romney was your best shot except John Huntsman. Huntsman could not survive the radicalized primary process and Romney spent all of his money and lost the middle doing so. But they both were doomed as well because in the end, everyone knows that BUSH blew the hole in the budget with unnecessary and ineffective unpaid-for tax cuts and a war in Iraq that should not have EVER happened. So trying to tie Obama to the economy's weakness failed, especially given the fact that Obama's economy created jobs where Bush has been LOSING them in droves. People can read, they see these things.

    In the end, Romney had a shot. But once he took on the baggage of the most extreme of his party, he was doomed. Once he saw women disrespected (Sandra Fluke) and was silent, he was doomed. Once he saw his party targeting Black and Brown voting rights and failed to put to an end to it he was doomed. That is the hard truth. Once you do all of the things I see espoused here you run out of votes. And it will only get worse.

  13. We have a border living in our house who voted for Obama. Over the past year we have sent each other links to political ads and I have also sent her links to the actual truth behind the ads. When faced with the actual facts put up against the spin of the ads she still voted for Obama. She said that the ads and what I sent her were the only things she knew about the issues so she chose to vote based on the spin rather than the truth. How can you get people to vote intelligently when they choose to believe spin over fact? The two things we need to do the most is take over the dialog and tell the truth on our terms and not let the media spin it or call us racist or haters for telling the truth, and with no actual election pending go out and help all voters especially minority, and elderly voters get ID cards and once they all have them, push for the voter ID laws. If we make sure that voters have ID's before pushing for the laws, then there can be no reasonable push back against voter ID laws.

    • One issue with this one. Many people do not have the records to get the cards or would have to spend a lot of time and expense. And for no demonstrable benefit!! THIS is why people protested them and why they continue to. The Voting Rights Act was passed only a generation ago and already people seem to have forgotten why it was necessary.

      • You seem to miss my point entirely. We the people can help everyone who is a citizen GET proper documentation and identification, and take up contributions to pay for it. There is no hurry since an election is not pending, there is no time limit since we have from now to eternity to get it done and only once we get it done will we push for voter ID laws. Were you aware that one of the provisions of Obama care is a National Medical ID Card? Once that provision takes effect, the registered voter database can be linked to the Medical ID Card database and the citizenship status of every card carrying person can be identified. It would seem prudent anyway so we as a Nation can track the costs of Obama Care that go towards non citizen services. I'm all for the rights of every citizen to vote when they meet the requirements such as registering to vote, and not being a convicted felon. We all have one voice and one vote and anything done to ensure the sanctity of that concept is something everyone should embrace.