Dec 4, 2016
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Supreme Court to take new look at Voting Rights Act

Northport resident Ronald Hampel, center, casts his ballot at the Northport City Hall voting location in Northport, Ala. Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012. (Credit:
Associated Press)

By Mark Sherman

Posted: Nov. 9th, 2012

The Supreme Court said Friday it will consider eliminating the government’s chief weapon against racial discrimination at polling places since the 1960s.

Acting three days after the election, the justices agreed to hear a constitutional challenge to the part of the landmark Voting Rights Act that requires all or parts of 16 states with a history of discrimination in voting to get federal approval before making any changes in the way they hold elections.

The appeal from Shelby County, Ala., near Birmingham, says state and local governments covered by the law have made significant progress and no longer should be forced to live under oversight from Washington.

The high court considered the same issue three years ago but sidestepped what Chief Justice John Roberts then called “a difficult constitutional question.”

Since then, Congress has not addressed potential problems identified by the court. Meanwhile, the law’s opponents sensed its vulnerability and filed several new lawsuits.

Addressing those challenges, lower courts have concluded that a history of discrimination and more recent efforts to harm minority voters justify continuing federal oversight.

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