The truth about Tuesday

Written By: Diane Sori
The election is over, the people have spoken.  And as the pundits and commentators try to analyze what went wrong for the Republicans they continue to spout off any and everything but the truth as to what really happened.
I’ll tell you the truth.
Besides the fraud that we all knew would happen, what’s really sad for America is when people vote strictly by race, nationality, who can give them more free stuff…and when people vote against someone or worse, don’t vote at all, just because their view of Christianity doesn’t match their own.
And that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday.
Blacks overwhelmingly voted for Obama simply because he’s black (which he’s NOT by the way) and can give them more free stuff…Hispanics voted for Obama for the freebies and promise of amnesty for their kin…the Jews voted for Obama because of guilt for the pseudo-poor minorities (and I say pseudo-poor because as poor as some claim to be they all seem to have cell phones, cars, and large screen TVs)…a large percentage of Evangelicals just didn’t vote because they think Mormonism equates to devil worship (religious bigots of the worst kind)…and young women of all races voted with their uteruses instead of with their brains.
How sad our beloved America has come to this.
America had a chance with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  Romney had a good solid workable plan to create jobs, to create new businesses, to put people back to work instead of having people rely on the government for their existence, but instead America voted for more of the same old same old tired rhetoric of ‘Hope and Change’ gone horribly wrong…Americans voted for themselves first and for country last.
America has now become a nation divided along racial and nationality lines.  The hyphenated-American now rules over the American…so sad, so sad indeed for what happened to the days when people who came here assimilated and blended into the fabric of American society…to the days when people came here to be proud Americans…to be part of America NOT to have America just be the place they call home, the place they live but the place they do NOT honor.
To these people America is NOT ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’ but is a meal ticket and nothing more.
It started happening to some degree before Barack HUSSEIN Obama but his presidency added new meaning, new tensions, and new atomicity to class warfare and racial divide.  This man has single-handily stoked the fires of racial hatred and has opened all the all wounds that were well on the way to healing.
And for what…for a second chance to finish the destruction of our beloved country that he started four years ago…yes for that and nothing more.  Barack HUSSEIN Obama is now well on his way to turning OUR beloved America into a microcosm of European socialism complete with a caste system of rich vs. poor…with the middle class be damned.
And sadly we Republicans let it happen…yes, we let it happen because instead of choosing our candidates along racial and ethnic lines to cater to the ‘sponges’ of our society, we instead chose the best people to get America back on the right economic track…we chose the best person to be Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces…we chose the best people to restore American exceptionalism…and we chose the best people to lead the greatest nation the world has ever known.
From now on we Republicans can NO longer choose the best people…we have to choose along racial and ethnic lines, throwing in a smattering of nationality pleasing people to cater to the masses who CANNOT see beyond their own selfish wants…we have to give up some of our principals and dumb down to those who see America as a free ride and nothing else.
And that is the saddest thing of all.
We must do all that just to win back the presidency and once in power maybe then we can return America to the way she was meant to be…to be a principled conservative nation as in ’one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.’
So sad…so very, very sad indeed.


  1. You first say "(religious bigots of the worst kind)" and then repeatedly act so yourself by calling President Obama "Barack HUSSEIN Obama" omitting even his title as President of our country. Hypocritical. Furthermore, the Affordable Health Care Act (aka Obamacare) was and is a conservative idea built on capitalism (with ROMNEY as the father of it since it is exactly the same plan he implemented in Mass), not socialism which would be more like a single payer government run system as Canada or the UK has. Just as mandatory drivers liability insurance was heatedly argued and is now accepted as a good thing, mandatory health care (you can't know when you are going to need cancer treatments, heart surgeries, or other life-saving medicines) will also be considered a good thing.