Attack of the O-Zombies


By Mr. Curmudgeon:

The most powerful aspect of the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres is how they provide a venue to discuss moral and political issues without sounding overly preachy.

The 1950s had its share of such dramas. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) tells the tale of a small town whose inhabitants are taken over by alien invaders. The story’s most insidious feature is how they are “snatched” – while they sleep. Depending on your political leanings, the film can be viewed as a commentary on McCarthyism or the threat posed by international communism.

I thought of this while watching the trailer to the upcoming World War Z starring Brad Pitt. Based on the popular novel by Max Brooks, the story begins in China, where a zombie bites a young boy and triggers a global pandemic.

Unlike the typical movie zombies, these flesh-eating fiends are not the slow, mindless monsters that crash into walls like bumper cars. The film depicts them as fast-moving “birds or school of fish,” said the film’s visual effects supervisor John Nelson to Entertainment Weekly.

In the film’s most visually stunning clip, a zombie swarm comprised of thousands smashes against a wall, allowing those that follow to tread the ramp of rotting flesh to scale the obstruction. They are relentless, to say the least.

As I watched zombies flow through the streets of New York City like a mighty river, pushing aside vehicles and engulfing the innocent, I thought of Tuesday night’s presidential election and the deadly O-Zombies: that collection of seemingly unconnected interest groups – from labor, Latinos and left-handed lesbians – working like that lifeless swarm of flesh-eaters collectively devouring all they encounter.

This January, the nation’s attention will fix on the greatest challenge that ever faced this nation – the so-called “fiscal cliff.” Under the terms of the Budget Control Act of 2011, expenditures for national defense will be slashed by 42%, 27% will be trimmed from non-defense discretionary spending with a measly 14.8% cut from entitlements.

If the law is not amended, 2013 will see the government take $480 billion in additional revenues (thanks to the expiration of the Bush tax cuts and an increase in the Alternative Minimum Tax). The government will starve our sputtering private sector to satisfy the insatiable appetite of O-Zombies.

According to a Heritage Foundation analysis, of the 10-year, $261 trillion in proposed federal cuts, entitlements lose a mere $171 billion.

When a society’s need for windmills, solar panels, abortion-on-demand and “free” contraception outweighs its desire for a strong, job-creating economy and robust defense, it’s become a lifeless cadaver animated by nothing more than reckless avarice.

It’s just like Max Brooks wrote in his novel World War Z, “The monsters that rose from the dead, they are nothing compared to the ones we carry in our hearts.”