New Spooky Agenda 21 Commercial


From The Blaze television network.


  1. WTF?? Barely covers my feeling about this commercial. WTF?? Holy crap and Shazaam!!! Do you suppose the follow up to this one will tell seniors where to line up for their euthanasia? Maybe the next one will be instructions to those of us that have parents in their 80s or 90s about how to convince Ma and Pa to sacrifice for the greater good. I got the creeepiest feeling from this bit of propaganda. Shades of Soylent Green??

  2. If you think old people accepting the fact that it’s ok to be put down is creepy, you should see their ad talking about all of the money wasted on malformed babies that will struggle through life. There are better things to spend our money on, they say. Oh, and private property? Single family homes? Owning your own car and traveling where/when you want? BUH BYE! The new world order is knocking on the front door. There IS a NWO and if we continue to be complacent it is inevitable. Educate yourselves before it’s too late.