Is Social Media Dead? The New Marketing Mix

image credit: Dice and Diamonds
image credit: Dice and Diamonds

ByJason Sadler

Posted: Nov. 14th, 2012

Once upon a time, some guy, somewhere, had a brilliant idea to get the word out about his company. He set up a local event, passed out some fliers and people flocked to him.

Then, as is the case with marketing since the beginning of capitalism, other companies started catching on and pretty soon tents and balloons and branded events popped up. Fast forward a few years and a little thing called the internet happened – which soon gave birth to its celebrated progeny, social media.

Though tentative at first, companies began realizing how powerful it could be to connect with customers online, and it wasn’t long before the flock corralled yet again. Only this time, instead of sponsoring baseball teams and hosting sidewalk sales, they crowded into newsfeeds and clogged Facebook timelines with marketing messaging.

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