Sex Scandal Sideshow


By Mr. Curmudgeon:

Viewing the screaming headlines regarding the General David Petraeus sex scandal makes me somewhat suspicious. That’s because I still have vivid memories of the glory days of the Clinton administration. While a sex-obsessed public couldn’t wait to pour over every salacious detail regarding Clinton’s sordid sexual affair with a White House intern – and its cover-up, they missed the bigger scandal: The transfer of U.S. missile technology to the People’s Republic of China … with a wink and a nod from “Slick Willy.”

Three years before the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, the Hughes Space and Communications Company sent a team to China to aid the communist giant with technical issues involving its Long March 2E rocket, which exploded only 52 seconds into its flight. The Hughes APSTAR II communications satellite, sitting atop the rocket, was blown into itty, bitty pieces.

So, you ask, how did Hughes, get clearance to aid China – whose technology transfers allowed Pakistan to develop nuclear weapons? The simple answer is – money.

In a 1997 story by the Washington Post’s Dan Balz, the Democratic National Committee returned $1.4 million stemming from “28 contributions totaling $256,100 considered illegal. An additional 34 contributions totaling $434,650 were returned because they were considered inappropriate, while 62 donations totaling $663,050 were returned because the DNC lacked sufficient information about the alleged donors … Information released by the DNC showed that three fund-raisers – John Huang, Johnny Chung and Charles Yah Lin Trie, were responsible for raising $2.2 million – or 79 percent – of the $2.8 million [in illegal funds] returned this year.”

The aforementioned gentlemen were acting as China’s agents of influence in Washington.

According to a 1998 report issued by the U.S. Defense Department, the “investigation conducted by Hughes with the Chinese following the January 1995 APSTAR II failure raises national security concerns with regard to … potentially contributing to China’s missile capabilities.”

Today, China’s intercontinental ballistic missiles are much more accurate thanks to a few greased palms at the Democratic National Committee … and the Clinton White House.

The magnitude of this betrayal of America to the benefit of China should have overshadowed Clinton’s sexual dalliances. But sex sells.

The recent deadly scandals surrounding the Obama White House – Fast and Furious and Benghazi – have raised concerns … even among sleepy Republicans. If they take their oversight responsibilities seriously and follow the evidence, the question of “high crimes and misdemeanors” may once again become a topic of conversation.

As you know, articles of impeachment originate in the House, and Republicans – at least for now – control that body.

So, Don’t you find it a little curious that we know every detail concerning the top secret sexual affair of the Director for Central Intelligence than who ordered Fast and Furious and denied security for U.S. diplomatic personnel in Benghazi?


  1. I find it "curiousor and curiousor". This whole episode stinks. I know we are being played by a third rate politician and his comrades. We lack the proper leadership in both houses. You could count the good ones on one hand.

  2. Why blame the public for it's curiosity. It's the media. If the only news on the TV and everywhere you look is about an affair it's interesting to you. That doesn't mean your interested to the exclusion of everything else that's going on but the media makes sure there's nothing else to see. Without the internet we wouldn't even be as informed as we are. Without the liberal media there would have been no Obama presidency, Democrat rule for two years or hatred of Bush. To this day even conservatives use liberal media talking points when speaking of Bush instead of talking about actual disagreements with his policies. The liberal media is the enemy of our liberty.