‘Anonymous’ Joins the Jihad against Israel


By Mr. Curmudgeon:

It was called “Operation Wrath of God” – Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir’s response to the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich, Germany. Palestinian Black September terrorists carried out their operation using intelligence provided by German Neo-Nazis.

Over a period of twenty years, agents of the Mossad (Israeli intelligence) sent hit squads to eliminate as many as 35 members of Black September’s Munich cell. According to the book “Vengeance” by George Jonas, loved ones of the targeted terrorists received a bouquet of flowers a few hours before a hit.  A note was included with the bouquet, “A reminder we do not forget or forgive.”

The story above came to mind when reading news reports concerning the anarchist group of computer hackers that call themselves “Anonymous.” According to the Jerusalem Post, these computer wizzes shut down 9,000 Israeli websites and affected the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s International development program website for all of ten minutes.

“For far too long,” reads a statement from the hackers, “Anonymous has stood by with the rest of the world and watched in despair the barbaric, brutal and despicable treatment of the Palestinian people in the so-called ‘Occupied Territories’ by the Israel Defense Forces … What is happening in Palestine is oppression. They have no navy, no army or air force. There is no war in Gaza.”

What Palestinian Hamas does have are hundreds of Iranian-supplied Fajr-5 rockets, the bulk of which have been shot down by Israel’s “Iron Dome” anti-missile defense system. However, while denouncing Israel for defending herself, the hacker hive made a point of noting, “Anonymous has not used any anti-Semitic language during our campaign.”

I’m sure in a future communiqué Anonymous will insist that some of their best friends are Jews – especially those whose lives are cut short by Iranian-made warheads.

It might be time for Operation Wrath of God – part II.


  1. Wow. Too bad about that loss of eyesight you've suffered there. Yeah, no war – unless you count the thousands of missiles lobbed at cities and towns and farms for decades. I tell you what. It's not fair that you've still got a place to live and people like you with parasite jobs have sucked my good fortune away. Hold still, hold your kids still, and I'll lob some rockets at you for a couple of decades. The rules? If I kill one of your kids, too bad. You can never retaliate, because I say you are unfair. As we all know, the cry "UMFAIR" makes it Ok for me to anything I feel like doing to you and if you respond, you are automatically evil.

  2. Anarchists, Racists, Psychopaths, and most Zealots should be turned into pet food, unless they were politicians or lawyers. I don't want to poison them, the animals. The lawyers/politicians need to be put into toxic waste dumps.

  3. If we Americans were as passionate about saving our country from destruction as the Israelis are about saving theirs, then maybe we we wouldn't be in the mess we are in now!