Holy war in the Age of Obama


Written By Bill Colley

Posted: Nov. 22nd, 2012

Earlier this month Ann Coulter had a speaking engagement withdrawn by a so called prestigious university.  The invitation from campus conservatives was pulled after pressure from college administrators.  Coulter is considered too controversial for the marketplace of ideas.  The administrators did approve a speaking engagement from a man promoting sex with barnyard animals.

This is America 2012 in the Age of Obama.  Marco Rubio is assailed by establishment media and entertainers because Rubio may harbor traditional Christian beliefs about creation.  No matter Mr. Rubio’s answer matched one given by the President several years ago.  Mr. Obama’s fellow travelers in media understand the difference.  They know their guy doesn’t actually believe what he said and that his faith is squarely rooted in big government.  Obama’s ingenuous response would be considered a lie and a serious character flaw by people of faith.  Among the leftist fellow travelers it’s the means to an end.  Liberal dhimmitude.  On this Thanksgiving morning I’m reminded some of the lefties are enjoying the day off and offering thanks to their false god in the White House.  He’s borrowed and confiscated loads of useless paper and is now passing it out to all the good little liberals.

Thanksgiving is under the usual annual attack and shortly Christmas will face its yearly assault.  The yammerers on the left shout back and claim if there’s a war on Christmas it’s one they don’t see.  They see tinsel and holly and bulbs and hear Bruce Springsteen wailing about Santa Claus.  None of what they witness has a biblical component.  On the other hand a crèche has great Christian symbolism and this week I’ve seen numerous news stories about efforts from the left to expunge the message from the season.  These stories are with us every year and remember the Grand Canyon began with a trickle.  Eventually a tipping point happens and faith will again be consigned to catacombs.

Yesterday I was doing my daily reading for show preparation and came across an organization calling itself “free thinkers.”  I suspect the name emanates from the fact these people don’t have a thought worth even a penny.  This society of atheists has 13-thousand members in a nation of 315 million and yet the havoc being caused by the God haters is a serious cultural threat.  The basic Judeo-Christian response is to pray for the souls of this minority but it only makes them angrier.  Demonic possession is legion.  Anything beyond prayer and these people pout and tell the faithful we’re supposed to turn the other cheek.  They’ve heard a few biblical phrases but I’m not at all sure they’ve the expertise and literacy to instruct others.  There is certainly evidence these people are possessed.  They as much admit it when they see a traditional message on a church billboard or when they drive past a public nativity scene.  The lawsuits always make the claim they suffered great psychological trauma and physiological paroxysms.  Reasonable observers of these ridiculous claims can make a couple of assumptions.  The trauma assertions are outright lies or secondly recognize the world’s insane asylums are filled with drooling afflicted unable to navigate the larger world

Frankly I pray for these people but understand sometimes you shake the dust from your shoes and move along.  Now if only they could manage the same but they refuse.  While no one forces them to attend a church or praise God or linger by the crèche their goal is to impose their own narrow world view on you and me.

We do often turn the other cheek.  It isn’t just biblical it’s enshrined in our national founding beliefs.  You leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone.  It’s when we’re threatened we respond.  In the Age of Obama faith is on trial.  Government imposes its will on churches and synagogues.  Thirteen thousand demoniacs impose their afflictions upon a larger community and government acts in concert with the possessed.  Christendom once responded with a unified purpose fractured 500 years ago.  It’s really time to set aside differences about church leadership, iconography and how many times I kneel per service.  A greater enemy lurks no longer in the shadows but in the open.

In my Old Testament readings the Lord instructs his people to eliminate cultural taint.  It preserves the Kingdom of Believers.  As we’ve come to accommodate the modern world and the leftist fellow travelers we’ve allowed the inverse.  The leader of the demoniacs is readying to mop up the field.  Pick up your cross for the final defense.