Tea Party Community; What’s next for the Patriot’s?


As we all enter this holiday season, we’re filled with many mixed emotions. Do not feel as though you’re the only patriot feeling this way. We all are! While we want to feel the anticipation of the holiday season, we are fearful of spending money because we do not know what our financial future holds for us. We flip on the television and we see half the administration sitting in front of Senate subcommittee’s for questionable activity of one sort or another. And to add more misery to our holiday season, we have Secretary of State Clinton doing a Henry Kissinger deja-vu act of peace brokering between two factions that hate each other in the Middle East.

Between war’s brewing, our troops still in harm’s way, oil fluctuating, rumors hovering regarding President Obama’s true intentions, grid-lock between the House and Senate and fears of Speaker Boehner becoming just another Obama lackey, we the patriots of America are in an emotional flux. That is just the beginning of a long list of what has America’s patriots wondering, what’s next for our nation? Is there truly anything we can do as a group to alter or stop more chaos from transpiring?

That question cannot be honestly answered. However, if history is any guide, then the answer would have to be a resounding YES! History tells us that there is in fact Power in Numbers. I am reminded of that classic line in the movie “Gandhi“, where the frail little leader is standing in front of the British Viceroy. The Viceroy says to Gandhi, “Just how do you plan on handling our mighty army?” Gandhi responds with “Your Highness; what do you plan on doing with five hundred million Indians that do not wish to cooperate?” The next scene in the movie is of England signing over India to their Indian leadership. They knew they were defeated.

Neither the Tea Party nor Tea Party Community is seeking to defeat anyone, except maybe the ideology of liberalism. What we are seeking to do, is to slow down, then turn around this ideology in-order to restore sanity in our fiscal system and some restoration of the recent morality breakdown in our society. In other words, we seek to bring stability back to the American psyche and heal our nation’s wounds.

The new website (www.teapartycommunity.com) was created for just this purpose. This is the new melting pot for ALL Tea Parties and Conservative believer’s to congregate, share information and unite to create and bring the change we all seek in America today. Alright, now you have all the faithful under one roof, what do we do now? Glad you asked!

Within Tea Party Community you will see a tab labeled “PAGES“. Inside pages is a page listed for all fifty states. When you join, you need to find your state and join that state as well. Once we have established a large presence at Community, we will begin organizing each state for that states activity. All the latest information regarding political activity will be provided on your state’s page. Each page will have an administrator that will act as an organizer of material. If you are from The Orlando Tea Party, then join your Florida page; make sure you have a link to your “Orlando Tea Party” page for all your members. Use the EVENT calendar to publicize your event, advertise your event on the main page to create more attendance for your event. Can you now see how we are organizing as a more tightly knit community? This is what is needed to get everyone on one page if you will in-order that we can become more politically persuasive on Capitol Hill.

As for what AGENDAS we seek to begin working on, yes we do have a couple of huge items we are going to begin working on after the first of the year. These agenda were not merely selected by Tea Party Community leadership; these are actually what we have been witnessing on Community as a couple of the major items that are the most concerning to you the member. The first agenda being of major concern for you is “VOTER FRAUD and VOTER ID laws”. We are currently working with one of the top Voter ID organizations in the nation and will soon begin assisting them in their efforts to gain uniform voting laws across America. This most probably will not be easy to accomplish and very well might take years to accomplish. But it is a beginning and with “YOUR” help, it will come about much faster. For instance, the way this will work is this. Community is backing a bill written in Ohio by the Legislature. We put out all the information to OHIO’s PAGE at Community. All the particulars are there; complete with phone numbers of the law makers. You the member will now melt the phones down to the Capitol. You will organize rallies and let them know how you feel about passing this much-needed law. And this is only the beginning.

I will write more at a later date about what we are doing. But know this; we are getting involved in a very large way. We are coming together Tea Party and Conservative Patriots. We are organizing and we will be a massive difference in the weeks, months and years to come. Take heart this holiday season. Smile and be of good cheer. We will prevail and we will be the difference for the good in the future for all our children and grandchildren. We will not allow Barack Obama or anyone to destroy this great nation. This is OUR America and well will restore her to greatness on OUR watch. We will be needing support for all of this in the near future and you will be receiving just what this support is for from our leadership. But know this, we are in this fight together and we will win. Have a blessed and happy holiday season. My prayer for all is that this year God blesses you abundantly and you are at peace with the ones you love most.



    • If liberal shit at Facebook didn't delete Conservative pages simply for believing in limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual liberty…. we wouldn't have to do this.


  1. Getting a photoID law in each state, would help. it is so unbelievable, that we have to identify ourselves to cash a check or 50 other things, But not Voting. Democrats are the only ones' to object. Getting on school Boards is another area that we need to address.

  2. To people proclaiming " The people have spoken," I say, The school Indoctrination of our youth by the Liberal Left, has a scary sound of Socialist- communist at work. Be careful of Narrow points of view, without the ability or knowledge of critical thinking. It's a dangerous path.

  3. I wonder if the speaker of the House is listening to his Reps ? He needs to get tough with the Man who never has compromised. I still think we should vote " Present, " like he used to do. Repubs will probably get blamed either way.

  4. Facebook does allow Liberal/Progressive useful idiots (for the NWO Socialist elites and the global jihad) to censor anyone who refutes their empty rhetoric (lies). They "report" as spam anything that is pro-life, pro-Constitution, anti-Obama, anti-Socialism/Communism, etc. They have no real argument against their empty rhetoric, so they resort to personal attacks, childish name-calling, lying, and shrieking, "Nah-ah! Nah-ah!'