Did the U.S. Constitution promise a Chicken in Every Pot?


By Dr. Phil Taverna

This is a continuing discussion brought about by reading Glenn Beck’s book Original Argument. The Federalist Papers that deal with finances is quite amusing to say the least. Let’s open for discussion the idea of national debt. The founding fathers were totally against a national debt. They felt a debt enslaved the country doing the borrowing.

Publius does a bit a writing about States having no debt and a small real estate tax. Way back then they talked more about the value of land because more people were farmers and land was a value. Today, for most home owners the value of the land seems to vanish from the appraisals. Location may be a factor but land seems to have no value. But who ever heard of building a house without land? Whoops some smart developers have already done that.

But the founders did place value in reaping rewards for your work. Publius writes about the hardworking farmer, the active mechanic and the industrious manufacturer. So it looks like the founders knew about small business and they realized they were the backbone of the country and its commerce.

And the main purpose of the federal government was to make sure that commerce was free to flow. If Commerce was free to flow than there would be more money in circulation. And the speed of this flow of money was important. If there was a great deal of commerce and money then there would be an ability for our country to pay taxes.

This stuff was written in defense of the states ratifying the U.S. Constitution.
So basically the founders knew that commerce was important to the prosperity of the country. And taxation by states or the Feds could hinder the flow of this precious commerce. And noble men would be pretty dumb if they got in the way of the flow of commerce.

Let’s extend this argument to energy and other resources like water. If a town or city had electricity then its ability to prosper grew in leaps and bounds because the electricity was used to make commerce more efficient and productive.

In our life time Al Gore invented the internet.z And when this new marvel came along people had no idea what an influence it would have on our lives. Some may be considered bad and evil, but for the most part a new commerce or a better commerce has grown from the internet.

Of course when new things come along, we sometimes lose things. When was the last time you had to feed and saddle your horse to get to town?

So we can see that our founders were very much aware that this free flow of commerce was not only important to the prosperity of our country, but the liberty and freedom associated with this mass prosperity was just as important to the free flow of commerce.
So we need to open up a discussion on the intrusiveness of Obama’s policies and how they affect the flow of commerce. Easy pickings include taxes on gasoline. Regulations on coal, gasoline, and nuclear energy. We should also include water as well. Not much can be built without water.

So every time the liberals like Obama try to regulate an industry, they intentionally try to stop the flow of commerce. Obama thought he could make Green energy rise from the oceans and eliminate oil and coal and natural gas. Obama thought he could make an electric car that would run on hot air rather than coal, natural gas, and nuclear.

Cap and trade is a tax on commerce. Obama and the commies want to hinder U.S. Commerce in the name of carbon emissions. Aren’t these the same idiots that said the hole in the ozone was going to melt our children! Bottom line is they want to tax you and American Businesses that have not been sent to China yet, so we can send this money to under-developed countries. Don’t we have under-developed inner cities that keep voting Democrats into office. Yet these same clowns want to send your money to other countries. It makes more sense to send our Judges and Representatives to other countries. Probably would be a lot cheaper!

Excise tax was frowned upon by the founders. Excise tax is a tax on business. It includes all those regulations that tax the bejesus out of businesses. Most voters do not see these taxes. They are considered indirect taxes. But the public does feel the effect by paying higher prices. If the prices can not be competitive then the company goes out of business. That is capitalism at work: As long as another American business can pick up the slack by innovative means. But in this country our elected officials and bureaucracies allow American businesses to move out of the country and then invite them to sell their lesser quality products to the American taxpayer and Businessmen. Our Founding fathers would say that is a lot of bull. All these actions are ways the government and liberals like Obama allow people to make money in foreign countries while the commerce flow in the United States in being reduced.

Commies like Clinton honestly felt the U.S. could still be profitable selling Chinese products in this country, especially when the Chinese made huge contributions to the Clinton causes. But in the end, the American Commerce has been affected by the shenanigans of money hungry folks like Clinton. When you hear your phone call to Verizon being picked up by someone in Eastern Europe, you have to start asking, where are our representatives and how come they haven’t protected the American jobs. Anyone can answer a phone, why can’t Verizon phones be answered in the United States for American customers?

We keep paying our Judges and Representatives large sums of money. But their actions do play a large role in screwing up the United States Commerce. First step should be to stop paying them. And then the commerce will flow as the founders had predicted.

And the founders were totally against consumption tax. But they left the ability to tax in the document such things as poll tax in case there was an emergency. This allows all our liberal judges and representatives to just keep opening that door wider and wider and tax more and more businesses and people. Trillions of taxpayer dollars and borrowed money has been thrown at poverty and today there is more poverty then ever. It is time to teach our elected officials to get out-of-the-way of American Commerce and protect American jobs from the greed of American businessmen and their lobbyists who move American jobs abroad!
Americans come first, our elected and appointed officials should come last and least!

The bottom line is that we should only elect officials who appoint those who are part of our prosperity. If they get in the way of our commerce, we should get in the way of theirs!

There is a chicken in every pot… But it comes from commerce. No country liberal or otherwise can tax their way to a chicken in every pot!



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Dr. Phil is the author of Your Democracy Change.com Dr. Phil Taverna has attended law school for 4 years. Phil has practiced law personally for the last 14 years. Dr. Taverna is an avid student of history and politics. He is well read and passionate about helping to seek a solution to the bipolarization of America. His writings and goals are postured with common sense solutions to bring peace to the political anger in American Politics. These goals can be achieved by any True American. He was the first Dr. Phil. He has hosted talk radio shows on WEEX and has written newspaper columns for the Easton Express. Phil is a storm water management expert. Dr. Taverna has presented seminars nationwide. From Vegas to NYC, Phil has spread the word on how to make the world a better place. He is also a marketing professional. Dr. Phil over 60 years of age. He is married with 3 children and 3 grandchildren.


  1. I keep hearing this word "Compromise". Over and over and over.
    And *all* of this verbiage comes from one source….Conservatives.
    My view is simply this.
    You want "Compromise"? Like….how? What would be a good compromise between "Breathing" and "Drowning"?
    HOW…would that be possible. It's like this Folks. You are either Free…or not. It is just that simple.
    You cannot be "Almost pregnant". You either ARE pregnant…or you are NOT pregnant.
    Democrats DESTROY all Freedoms except those "freedoms" to live in a drug infested, immoral society. They need those things in order for their Party to stay afloat. The rest of the "Freedoms" we have simply get in the way of their agendas.
    And so…there are People that want to "COMPROMISE" with that?
    Compromise is the problem. I do not blame a rattlesnake for biting me. That is his agenda. That is all he knows to do….Bite. But I do not "Compromise" with him either. Why? Because the snake's agenda directly interferes with MY agenda….which is…to NOT get bitten.
    So what is the "GIST" you ask?
    NO COMPROMISE. Stop trying to be "Politically Correct". When you do that…you are playing by THEIR rules.
    Let's play by another set of rules….OURS.