Islam’s “RELIGOUS WAR” Against Judeo-Christianity, Hinduism, Israel and the United States of America – WAKE UP !


Written by Lance Silver

Posted: Nov. 23rd, 2012

The insanity of the headline in today’s news, (, is that Israel and Hamas ,under
the Shari’ah driven President Morsi of Egypt’s guidance, enter into a cease
fire ! So, what ! It’s a Hudnah. It’s Islamic taqiyya and duplicity at its
best. “Remember the story of Hodaybiya”, when the Prophet Muhammad made an
agreement there for peace with the tribe of Kuraish for “10” years. But then
Muhammad trained 10,000 soldiers and within “two” years marched on their
city of Mecca. He, of course, found some kind of pretext.

“Hudnah” and “Sulh” Do Not Mean “Peace”. By: Moshe Sharon

(A Hudnah is a cessation of hostilities for one reason; and that is to
permit Muslims to re-fortify themselves and continue Jihad, until a just
peace is achieved, under Shari’ah. It’s so simple. Muslims are compelled to
do so because systemic Islamic text demands it and all Muslims must follow
the ethics and lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad, because his behavioral example
is to be emulated by all Muslims).

The war of terror, which has been waged against Israel since October 2000,(
actually for hundreds of years), has brought again to the fore simple facts,
which the government of Israel, as well as most of the media, refuse to
understand and face boldly. The facts are derived from one truth which
should be presented in the clearest words possible: the Arab-Moslem
strategic decision has always been, and will always remain, the destruction
of the State of Israel, and the annihilation of its Jewish population. The
Palestinians are the spearhead of this Arab-Moslem long-term strategy, and
terror has been chosen as the method to weaken Israel by spreading in it
defeatist feelings, and loss of self-confidence.

One of the tactical weapons in the overall plan of the materialization of
this strategy is also the exploitation of the general sincere hope and
yearning for peace in the Israeli public. The Arabs have long ago discovered
that it is enough to use this word “peace” in English or its equivalents in
Hebrew and other European languages (but not in Arabic) in order to win to
their side almost any public. Nobody has asked them to explain what they
mean or compelled them to act according to the simple message of the word
among civilized people. The Arabs have learned to make good use of the term
“peace” – they would sign any document and distribute any promise knowing
that in return for meaningless words they would achieve real territorial and
other strategic gains and improve their positions on the ground from which
an attack on Israel can be carried out with more deadly success.

To make things look “genuine” and to impress the fools of Israel and Europe,
three words are used by the Arabs who use three Arabic words for their war
and peace, and these three words sum up their aim and policy: jihad, hudnah,
and sulh. Anyone who knows anything about Islam understands their true

Jihad is a holy war against the infidels – namely the Jews (later against
the Christian too). It is war, and killing, and nothing else; but the Moslem
propagandists speaking to the delicate European ear sells the story that it
is not a real war but a metaphorical expression. This is a lie. Jihad is a
holy war and the Islamic Jihad is nothing less than an organization of
murder. The person killed in the jihad is a martyr – shahid, who goes
directly to heaven to enjoy food, drink, and sex. The killing of a Jew, any
Jew – man, woman or child, is regarded as holy war.

The second word is sulh. Sulh is not peace. It is an agreement, which Islam
bestows upon the vanquished enemy. The Moslem side decides the terms of the
sulh, and it can be reached only after the enemy has capitulated, and raised
the white flag

The third word is hudnah. Hudnah is concluded only between the Moslems and
non-Moslems, when the Moslem side feels itself, at a certain point, too weak
to carry on the jihad. The aim of the hudnah – cessation of hostilities for
a limited period – is to gain time in order to strengthen the Moslem
military capability, and restart the war from a better condition. Hudnah
also aims at tranquilizing the enemy to believe that it has achieved peace,
and catch him off guard. The Islamic side can abolish the hudnah at will
even before the time of expiry, if it feels strong enough to resume the war.
Yet hudnah is the only possible relation of no-war with the non-Moslems. But
for this, the enemy must be very strong. Only its strength justifies the
postponement of its destruction through jihad.

The Arabs, as Moslems, and of course Arafat, build on the ignorance of the
Israelis, on the one hand and on their dreams of peace on the other in order
to sell them the poison of death in the wrapping of “peaceful jihad”, “sulh
peace” and “hudnah ceasefire”. Sulh is not peace and hudnah is no
unconditional armistice. The only condition which compels the Muslims to
keep the hudnah is their conviction that the enemy is too strong to allow
the renewal of war. Weakness of the enemy encourages the resumption of

Christians, Jews and Hindus read this: –

– Moshe Sharon authored also this report that is essential to read at this nexus in time, 2012.

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