The countdown to the ceasefire’s end has begun


Written By: Diane Sori

Posted: Nov. 26th,2012
Well the loonies in the Middle East are at it again. Today, the Palestinian Authority is going to exhume Yassir Arafat’s body from its resting place in Ramallah to again try to determine the cause of death. Remember, Arafat died in a French hospital back in 2004 but the crazies still think the Israeli’s killed him. Never mind that he was sick for years…just blame Israel so it can be an excuse to reignite the at best tenuous ceasefire just brokered last week.


And why did Hamas act up now when Middle East countries are falling one by one to the Muslim Brotherhood…why…because Hamas felt empowered by the rise of islamist allies in the region…because they had stockpiled rockets from Iran…and because members of the Qassam Brigade won seats on the Hamas Shura Council in Gaza and now dominate both the group’s military and political elements.

Why…because the time was right to flex muscle…or so Hamas thought NOT expecting to be met with such strong response from Israel.


Now add into the mix the newest problems in Egypt with recently elected and Muslim Brotherhood supported Mohammad Morsi’s decision to expand his presidential powers. And lets NOT forget the recent surveillance photos showing new weapons being moved into Gaza (the ceasefire conditions be damned), and you have a powder keg ready to explode.

And this time Israel will NOT stand down…nor should they. And Barack HUSSEIN Obama be damned.

With Israeli intelligence satellites showing Iran, the instigator in all this, now shipping Fajr-5 medium-range rockets to Gaza through Sudan, last week’s ceasefire is proving to be the mockery we all knew it would be. And if Obama and Hillary had butt out in the first place Israel would have finished this once and for all by now BEFORE Iran had a chance to re-arm Hamas. Remember, Iran needs a well-functioning, well-equipped Hamas to be part of its response to a possible Israeli attack against them. Iran needs to keep Israel busy on all fronts to weaken their attack and focus on its nuclear facilities…as in Iran using Hamas as a pawn piece in its divide and conquer game, and rearming Hamas fits that bill quite well.


So while the ceasefire remains in place for now, Benjamin Netanyahu has said in NO uncertain terms that military action would happen, including a ground offensive, if the flow of weapons to Gaza is not stopped. And so the circle is completed and goes back to Iran who is smuggling in weapons while Obama and the world looks away.

And what of Morsi himself who is taking credit for brokering this ceasefire…the very man who is NO friend to Israel as he’s considering doing away with the peace treaties between the two nations. His pushing for the current ceasefire is just him trying to play the hero. But Morsi really was NOT the prominent player he fancies himself to be as he conveniently forgets the ceasefire was actually arranged and reluctantly agreed to by Benjamin Netanyahu because of first, Obama’s threats to discontinue auxiliary funding for Israel’s much needed and relied upon Iron Dome Defence System, and two, a supposed agreement between Netanyahu and Obama to send US troops to Sinai to act as peacekeepers in exchange for the ceasefire. And while this shaky ceasefire might remain in effect for a short period of time, without needed talks between Israel and Hamas to settle the root cause of what keeps causing these barbarians to begin these rocket attacks in the first place, the ceasefire will only last as long as it takes Iran to rearm Hamas.


And now yet another voice of hate is jumping into the pot as Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel on Saturday that thousands of rockets would rain down on Tel Aviv and cities across the country if they dared to attack Lebanon, which by the way, Israel has NO intentions of doing. Going one step further, Nassrallah warned that any Israeli attack against Iranian nuclear facilities would ignite the entire Middle East with a Hezbollah response in support of Iran to be swift and deadly.

Are they baiting Israel into a fight to aid in Iran’s divide and conquer strategy…could very well be but Israel won’t fall for it and will stay focused on the ceasefire meltdown which surely will happen and happen soon.

So the pot continuous to simmer as some Israeli troops and tanks remain at the Gaza border ready to go on a moments notice…ready to go and do what should have been done long ago…get rid of those out to kill them BEFORE the wish of many tries to become a reality they will soon regret doing.


Let’s roll Israel…lets roll!