Following the Hackers’ Trail


By Chloe Whiteaker

Posted: Nov. 27th, 2012

Private researchers have tracked Comment group, starting with malware the hacking team left behind in compromised networks then gradually identifying indicators that are the equivalent of fingerprints at a crime scene. The group is one of the most active cyber espionage teams from China, compromising over 1,000 victims including, according to a leaked classified cable, the computer networks of the U.S. Army and State Department. Researchers have developed an archive cataloguing 40 families of custom malware and hundreds of domain names as the group has hacked its way through Fortune 500 companies, government bodies, law firms, and other high profile targets. U.S. intelligence agencies, which once referred to the group as Byzantine Candor, have linked the Shanghai hackers to the People’s Liberation Army, China’s military, according to a leaked classified cable and former intelligence sources.

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