By Dr. Richard Swier

Posted: Nov. 27th, 2012

Courtesy of Robert Heller, founder of the Israel Advocacy Initiative.

This is a most interesting video. British Colonel Kemp, former commander of British troops in Afghanistan, believes that Netanyahu made the right decision to avoid a ground war and has achieved Israel’s mission. He points out Israel could have smashed Hamas but that was not Israel’s objective. He points out that Hamas is a proxy for Iran who is behind the attacks on Israel, and that a ground war with Hamas would be a distraction when Iran’s nuclear weapons program is the main and more serious issue.

Colonel Kemp’s analysis is extremely interesting and worth watching, especially for those of us who are troubled by the fact that IDF ground forces were not used. It is obvious if Israel had decided to wipe out Hamas they could have done so.

Gaza is dependent on Israel for its electric and virtually all services its population needs to survive.

If Israel were to wipe out Hamas they would end up having to care for almost two million hostile Palestinians. As of now Iran’s proxy (Hamas) has been seriously damaged and Israel can now concentrate on Iran.  A central demand by Hamas in connection with the cease fire has been to obtain a commitment from Israel to stop targeting their leaders. This tells us Hamas Leaders are ‘Running for Their Lives’.


Source: WatchDogWire.com

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  1. Why would Israel need to care for 2 mil Palestinians? I thought they just became Egyptian citizens. Hostile, they are already hostile. They couldn't hate anymore……They should have been dealt with.