Metaphor for an Apocalypse


I signed the petition. Now the secret police truly know I’m seditious! Albeit, if they dig through some old records they’ll find my college era dossier. As Janet Napolitano’s agents continue fondling the files (you thought it was only the TSA?) they’ll find thousands of public utterances from my time at a live microphone and from a few tea party platforms. They’ll also notice I’ve been saluting the drones flying overhead but in an impolite fashion.

Some fellow suggested anyone signing a secession petition at the White House website should be deported. Really? Could it be somewhere warm as well a place where liberty still exists? Any suggestion about deporting native-born American citizens is evidence the left is malicious. These are the same people cheerleading illegal immigration and competition for too few jobs. Clearly they don’t like the challenge to their Lord and Savior. In case you missed it, a liberal comedian/actor believes President Barack Obama is God. No wonder the actual Almighty was booed at the socialist convention in Charlotte! For what price did these fellow travelers sell their souls? Promises of amnesty, a free telephone and rationed healthcare.

I’m including some disparate links at page bottom. When you think of them in totality you get an ugly picture. Pastors are being pressured to scrap the Bible so as not to offend. The judiciary is corrupt. The cameras watching your movements and where you drive are a scam and designed to shake you down for revenue. Drug legalization will be profitable for the government (and with you perpetually stoned also make controlling you an easier task). Traditional beliefs will get you labeled a Hitlerite and apparently there is still a residue of liberty but in a very cold part of the world.

Since I know many of you won’t have time to read all the links at page bottom (I get paid for doing it but realize you’ve other responsibilities) I would urge if you could read just one column it’s this warning:

Cox and Archer: Why $16 Trillion Only Hints at the True U.S. Debt

And if you’re a child of the TV/video age then I suggest this as a companion to the Wall Street Journal opinion piece:

Now ask me why I signed a tongue in cheek secession pledge at the White House website. I did it because a serious alternative isn’t available. Why would anyone in their right mind want to be part of what’s coming to a country near you?

Just before Christmas 28 years ago I was working the graveyard shift at my job. When I left for home at 7:30 A.M. the cold rain started clinging to the road as ice. Fourteen miles into a fifteen mile drive I had to cross a bridge over a large ravine. On the surface of the bridge and while driving 55 miles per hour my car began drifting and all I could do was watch as the guardrails approached. The car took out a couple of hundred feet of cable and posts before it stopped. The laws of physics were working that day. I didn’t stop as quickly. The windshield slowed me but didn’t stop me after the car had already come to a halt. After my head took out the glass I got a good look down into a chasm 200 feet deep. Then I crawled back behind the wheel, head throbbing and somehow drove the wreckage home.

Ever hear of metaphor? Odds and probability? Do you think we’ll be as lucky this time around?

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  1. Perpetually stoned would be no worse than the current state of alcoholic, chain smoking, pain killing medication addicted, morbidly obese that make up a growing segment of our citizenry.