Anti-Obama Activist Target: Obama’s Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C.
Anti-Obama Activist Target: Obama’s Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C.

We Have A Dream: 500,000+ Anti-Obama Activists Arrive In Washington D.C. During Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony …

If you are unsatisfied with President Barack Obama’s reelection win and
you further feel that he will ultimately destabilize America completely, then let us join together with bold Anti-Obama signs clearly stating our main grievances concerning unemployment, the economy, Benghazi, foreign policy matters, war status or whatever may perhaps be your main concern(s) on Inauguration Day, January 21, 2013 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Federal Holiday), at the West Front of the Capitol Building, which is currently being reported in the news for ticket purchase.

However, all Anti-Obama supporters shall gather at the National Mall, Fourth Street NW, which is a non-ticketed free area for gathering at 9:00 am for an all-day event.

Help us realize our dream …

The exact time and confirmed date should be released to the general public sometime on or after November 15th, so bookmark this page and return here for update information as it becomes available to us.

If you cannot afford to go to Washington, D.C., then form local groups to attend non-violent protest marches at state capitol buildings or aimed directly at the nearest affordable U.S. Government location nearest you.

Large groups should upload event videos via Youtube, then viral post it across multiple social networks.

We hope to see you there and please share this message with a friend today!

Please help us spread the word …

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We hope to see you there!!!



  1. It is absolutely critical that the Inauguration Day anti-Obama protest be a smashing success — CRITICAL. Since the election the Demo-libs are anxious to declare that the Tea Party is almost dead. It is critical we graphically demonstrate to the world that we are bigger than ever before. There is a psychology that drives politics; it recruits new people (activists) and scare some politicians into doing the right thing or into doing less of the bad things. No matter who wins elections demonstrations do influence the course of political events.

    Please, all of you patriots do not sit on the sidelines. To do nothing is to do something in reverse — it makes it easier for bad things to happen. Those who do nothing will share responsibility for the coming nationa disaster along with the left wing fanatics who worked to make it happen.

    The liberal "news" media will try to keep it a secret.

    Please, every patriot, help these people promote the DC anti-Obama Inauguration Day protest. Please call people, post information on the net, facebook, twitter, call talk radio, or whatever.

  2. This event needs to be publicized!!! Everyone, contact every conservative you know… your local Tea Party groups…contact every talk show host you know like Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, etc…contact Tea Party Nation, Tea party federation, Freedomworks, etc….in order to get the 500,000+ people there all of us need to work together.
    Also, is there a permit that was bought? Are there speakers and entertainment? Are there billboards with the information? Enough of this silence! Enough of being afraid of the progressives we are in a fight for our country the United States of America. If we don't stand up and act we WILL surely lose liberty and freedom. I know we were all depressed and resentful after obama was re-elected but now I am fighting mad. I am ready to do what I have to do to preserve what nation we have left. We all need to start fighting with actions and words and committment. So everyone, start writing.