Over the cliff we go


Written By Diane Sori

Posted Dec. 2nd, 2012

It seems that Obama’s unyielding attitude about spending cuts vs. tax increases is a prelude to going over the dreaded $500 BILLION fiscal cliff…with him deliberately giving the final push.
The simple fact is Obama created this fiscal cliff as a way to garner new power to raise taxes and grow government even bigger…all at his discretion. The $1.6+ trillion in new taxes that Obama is demanding is more than double the $800 billion he asked for in talks with GOP leaders during the summer of 2011.
And since stealing the election through voter fraud, Obama keeps bloviating that voters are demanding that high-income Americans (the Obama infamous 2%) pay higher taxes as a way to reduce the deficit. And we know just who those voters are that want this…the 47% that Obama promised everything to in order to ‘buy’ their votes. Sorry but this alone won’t do it, because putting into effect a year-end package of tax increases with NO spending cuts will most likely throw the US economy into recession, and cause our credit rating to be downgraded yet again.
Thanks Obama…you screwed ‘We the People’ yet again…and are happy to have done so.
Now this is what Obama wants the Republicans to happily agree to as presented by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner this past Thursday..and it makes me cringe just thinking about it…
Obama wants Republicans to immediately sign off on his $1.6+ TRILLION in new revenue (mostly from the tax increases on the wealthy) over a decade in exchange for $400 BILLION in unspecified spending cuts over that same time period (specific cuts to be determined by Congress maybe in 2013) as well as spending cuts previously proposed (like cuts to the military and defense budgets and to NASA); $50 BILLION in new stimulus spending; aid to minority homeowners so they can refinance their mortgages; $30 BILLION in extended unemployment benefits; extending the payroll tax; and a permanent ability to raise the debt ceiling, which by the way must be raised shortly or we go into default.
And with Obama NOT caring to compromise on anything as compromise isn’t in his vocabulary, he has chosen instead to accuse the Republicans in Congress of holding the middle class hostage by NOT agreeing to what he’s proposed.
Thankfully, so far Republicans are refusing to comply with Obama’s wish of putting this entire burden on the wealthiest 2% (you know the very ones who actually create jobs and businesses) by saying NO and refusing to pass this joke of a proposal.
“There’s a stalemate, let’s not kid ourselves,” said Speaker of the House John Boehner. “It’s not a serious proposal. Right now we’re almost nowhere.”
You think…
And rightly so Republicans should say NO and stick to that NO…and I’d love to see them go even one step further, that is if they had any guts they would just walk away from talks that are going nowhere. And why are they going nowhere…because Obama simply refuses to abide by his pre-election promise to outline the specific cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and other government (entitlement) programs like he promised to do. So let Obama handle the consequences of going over the cliff…let him sink or swim by his own hand even while the liberal media keeps pressuring the Republicans to cave to Obama’s demands, and thus avert the fiscal cliff allowing Obama to become the country’s economic hero.
Nice huh…NO way…
The bottom line to all this is that the Republicans are angry, very angry, that nothing has changed…so lets let Obama push us off the cliff. Let him have to answer for it, after all the Republicans were willing to discuss and compromise and Obama wasn’t, but no matter what happens we Republicans will be blamed for it so what the hell…
Over the cliff we go…



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