By Guy Graybill

With pain we face the sorry facts:
Some firemen torch; some clergy sin.
Police sometimes do lawless acts;
But, journalists cause most chagrin.

They’re unreserved.  They aren’t sedate.
They write to pummel and to bruise.
They’re members of the Fourth Estate
And they manipulate the news.

How savagely they chastise those
Who question what they write or think.
Their friends will feast on honeyed prose;
Their critics drown in printers’ ink!

They feel that homage is their due
And they require complete respect.
They’ll flay the public figure who
Might fail to fully genuflect.

They claim to push unfettered speech
And raise their banner, all unfurled.
Yet, facts they slant and truth they breach;
They are News Butcher to the World!

They print whatever tweaks their brain
And censor what they damned-well choose;
Since thought control is their domain
And they manipulate the news.

Trade secrets they will keep, untold.
They hardly ever let it slip,
That they defame with bias, bold;
And they will lie by censorship.

What legislator doesn’t dread
To challenge their distorted views?
They’d soon unbutter all his bread,
‘Cause they manipulate the news.

They praise themselves unto the skies,
Pretending to deserve no less.
‘Courageously’ they exercise
Their twisted license of the press!

§  §  §

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Guy Graybill, of Middleburg, (Snyder County) PA, is a graduate of
Gettysburg College, a retired teacher, former Republican county
commissioner and former GOP chairman in his county.

He and his wife, Nancy, are approaching their 60th wedding anniversary. They are the
parents of four children and a growing progeny.

He was listed in Who’s Who in America in 2000 and 2001 (“For no reason that I would
know!). Since he retired, he has had five books published, including:
KEYSTONE (A state history), BRAVO! (the only book that declares that
the Italians did more for music than anyone else), PROHIBITION’S
PRINCE, the first of a two-volume biography of a millionaire
moonshiner/bootlegger and FROST! (2012), a book of 20 Russian folk
tales. Most of his works are available on, Kindle, etc.

He notes that one of his strongest concerns involves the increasing
incivility and dishonesty spewing from the liberal pundits.


  1. Very sad that they would tell a lie or hide a truth to the cost of our nation. While having the ability to make great, the cold hard truth, they choose instead to be fiery advocates of tyranny. Constantly steering the less educated and easily deceived deeper into foolishness.

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