‘Charitable ‘ Big Government


By Mr. Curmudgeon:

The seismic shift in America resulting from President Obama’s re-election is having its effect. A headline on the ABC News website proves as much, “Ending Charity Deductions Help Budget.”

The charitable tax deduction, reports ABC, “was first implemented in 1917 when World War I saw the income tax at high levels and policymakers worried that wealthier Americans would not have money left over for charity after taxes …” Ah, the unintended consequence of high taxation.

The majority of its victims – i.e., taxpayers – miss the most insidious aspect of federal policies: When government programs distort the natural tendency of Americans to help the less fortunate, big government does not repeal the bad policy – it merely creates another one to offset the ill effects caused by its previous course of action.

Similarly, Medicare – designed to help the elderly – pays hospitals and doctors less than their procedures and services actually cost. The unintended consequence of this “cost saving” is to force those not in the program to make up the difference.

According to Blue Shield of California, the “cost-shift” to Golden State consumers increased the price of medical care by more than 12%. This is why employer provided medical insurance is the only means by which most Americans receive costly health care.

Big government’s response was to “reform” this chaos by passing ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act) – created, we were told, to control the high cost of health care. Nice trick that.

The more government policies fail the greater need for reform. And an important part of reforming government always seems to require making it … bigger.

Of course, the only reform needed to save America is to decrease the size and power of government and unwind the bankrupt Ponzi schemes laughingly called the “social safety net.” Unfortunately, both political parties are dedicated to expanding entitlements at the expense of America’s economic strength and the liberty of her people.

Now, in the name of “compassion,” tax-hungry government will rob charities so Washington’s desperate politicians can buy more votes.

How do you reform evil masquerading as legitimate government?