‘Fiscal Cliff Deal Without Pain’


By Mr. Curmudgeon:

The headline in the Washington Times said it all: “Americans desire a ‘fiscal cliff’ deal without pain.” It just goes to show that my fellow countrymen are incapable of dealing with harsh realities. Welfare, at all levels of American society, whether in the form of Medicare or corporate tax credits, will “end as we know it,” to quote Bill Clinton.

America is broke and getting broker.

Democrats say we should emulate the infamous Donner Party and eat our own. And compliant Republican leaders have napkins, paper plates, plastic forks and knives at the ready. They were, after all, elected by the very people now expecting a financially-spent nation to formulate a budget plant “without pain.” Children don’t like pain any more than they like responsibility or cleaning up after themselves.

President Obama and Republican leaders say they are fighting to save American royalty – the middle class – from pain. However, if there is justice, it is the middle class that should suffer the most. It was their votes that elected the politicians now diminishing their freedom while bankrupting the nation.

In 1855, William John Grayson wrote in defense of the American South’s peculiar institution. “Slavery makes all work, and it ensures homes, food and clothing for all. It permits no idleness, and it provides for sickness, infancy and old age. It allows no tramping or skulking, and it knows no pauperism. This is the whole system substantially.”

In other words, Grayson’s argument was that slavery provided the captive a lifetime’s social safety net … the chains were thrown in for free.

The economic mess we are in isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, the mess will remain long after everyone reading these words is dead but not forgotten.

The generations that follow will curse our memory for having robbed them of more than money … they will damn us for stealing their sacred birthright of freedom in the vain pursuit of “security” that “provides for sickness, infancy and old age.”