American Equality


Thomas Jefferson

By Mr. Curmudgeon:

Keep your eyes on Greece. That’s America’s future. With the Greek economy shrinking by 6% annually, and its government desperate to feed the cradle-to-grave nanny state, tax rates were recently adjusted to reflect the new reality. A simplified tax structure divides Greek society into three brackets: 22%, 32% and 42%. Those earning $55,000 will join the ultra-rich in the top tax bracket.

“… The successive hikes in taxes, required to meet deficit-cutting targets, have hammered the [Greek] economy, pushing unemployment up to 26 percent … with more than 20 percent of the population now officially living in poverty — earning less than €7,200 ($9,420) per year,” the Associated Press reported.

Last August, the US Department of Agriculture reported that 45.8 million Americans received food stamps – that’s 15% of our population … and the number is climbing.

All wealth is relative. Today’s wealthy – like Warren Buffett – are expected to “pay their fair share.” In a future, poorer America, the new rich will be today’s middle class. That’s you.

According to Karl Marx’s crackpot theory, the communist dictatorship of the proletariat evaporates once nirvana, a beautiful equality, is achieved. That “equality,” as it turns out, is universal poverty and misery. In 1991, having achieved its mission, the impoverished Soviet corpse was tossed upon the ash heap of history.

American equality, as envisioned by John Locke and Thomas Jefferson, saw men as equal before God and in the freedom “endowed by their creator.” Modern America supplanted spiritual equality for the materialistic, Marxian counterfeit … the opiate of the people.

Lucky for us, there is plenty of room on the ash heap of history.