Written by:  Guy Graybill

Posted: Dec. 26th, 2012

Some journalists have favorably compared President Barack Hussein Obama with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  In recognition of that practice, I believe that it is quite proper, for journalistic brevity, to refer to our 44th president as BHO.

As any American can observe:

On several occasions, from his first days in office to the present, BHO has expressed racist attitudes.

BHO was a silent misogynist, while several undeserving    American women were being viciously vilified.

The nation has been the victim of BHO’s unwillingness to compromise with political opponents.

BHO appears to relish the promotion of class division and tension.

Not since FDR, have we seen a president who has shown such disrespect for the U.S. Constitution and the Supreme Court as we’ve witnessed from BHO.

The record clearly establishes BHO as the nation’s most profligate presidential spender; and one who has no concern for the budget failings of the U.S. Senate.

An American military hero was left to languish in a Mexican prison, while BHO was busy conspiring to cover the Benghazi tragedy.

BHO has shown a pathological urge to lie and to encourage others to imitate his dishonesty.  Even Nikita’s banging of his shoe at the United Nations was more dignified than BHO’s disgraceful U. N. performance that was built around a bald-faced lie, shamelessly repeated before the bemused dignitaries of the world.  BHO’s post-Benghazi address has to rate among the most absurd performances in the long history of the United Nations.

Because of the tragic consequences of his failed leadership during the Benghazi crisis, BHO orchestrated the worst presidential cover-up in the history of the Republic.  His entire handling of that situation, from his initial disregard for endangered American citizens to his fabricated scenario and his months-long refusal to offer a full, honest explanation of the incident, merits removal from that most-critical office.

Although the two parties are unable to agree on most issues, they should take a bipartisan look of the need to impeach, and remove, the man who has shunned our constitution and concocted lies to keep voters uninformed before our last election.  That is the only course that would begin to restore trust in our government.