No Evidence Of Voter Fraud? Except In NY, NJ, MD And MASS!


By Kris Zane

Posted: Dec. 27th, 2012

The Democrats—especially Eric Holder—love to tell us there is little if any voter fraud. Well, if you don’t include the recent voter fraud in New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Massachusetts!

Obama did win the election, right? Maybe…



  1. The chaos in my voting district that I encountered when I went to cast my ballot was astounding and shameful. The incorrect instructions for the paper ballot given to me by a poll worker to go down the list in a straight line would have me vote solely for the Democrats!!!!!!!! It was outrageous and illegal. I knew when I left the polling center that Obama had won the election. I am a registered and active member of the Democratic Party who as of the last election no longer trusts the election system. There wasn't even an attempt to hide the corruption. It was in our faces and public from voter to voter. My neighbors encountered the same shameful process replete with fraudulent instructions and inoperable computers and poll workers yelling at each other and the voters and no one said anything anywhere not the press, not television not even on social media.

  2. This is the most important issue of our time as the Democrats have gotten into the election commissions nationwide and their creed is criminal voter fraud! We must polygraph all election commission employees everywhere and require positive voter ID of all voters and proof of right to vote. If we do not address this we have lost our Republic! Obama is busy bringing more people into our nation that share criminal values like his. I firmly believe he is in office by criminal voter fraud in both of these terms. His background is that of a criminal and Democrats use falsehood in all of their work. I consider them the largest criminal gang in the world. There are a lot of foolish followers that are unaware of the Democrat leadership being of a criminal mind, but I have worked for years as a government employee in grey area covert operations for both Republican and Democrat administrations and there is a huge difference where honesty is concerned. Democrats are the greatest danger to our freedoms of all time and would have us be subjects to tyranny.

  3. Don't forget Florida with VAST voter fraud for Democrats and Ohio and every swing state! Democrats think that anything is all right if they win and they are doing America a favor by perverting the will of the citizens by voter fraud. They have already said we do not know what is good for our nation, but I know, so help me God, that a criminal administration is NOT good for our country. Clean up election commissions nationwide ar lose our nation.