Our kids…pawns in Obama’s plan to take away our guns



By: Diane Sori

Posted: Dec. 26th, 2012

Let’s cut right to the chase and NO holds barred…Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a freakin’ gun-control hypocrite (among other things) of the nth degree.

After the tragedy at Sandy Hook, Obama had the audacity to say, on national television no less, that the best way to protect our children at school is to initiate MORE gun-control, and that he wants to start by bringing back the assault rifle ban that lapsed in 2004.

And he says this as he continues to call for ‘Gun-Free School Zones.’

But here’s the kicker…the height of hypocrisy in fact…Barack HUSSEIN Obama, as well as many of his liberal BIG mouth buddies, send their kids to the Sidwell Friends School…a private school where eleven armed guards (and soon to be more) are present 24/7.

So according to Obama, our kids must go to school in ‘Gun-Free School Zones’, as in he deems our kids aren’t worth protecting but his daughters and his cronies kids are.  Shame, shame, shame on Obama for seeking even more gun control for our schools…for him trying to prevent our kids from having what his kids have…in a word, ‘protection.’  So lets get this straight…Obama’s two girls and his cronies kids are worth being protected by armed guards when at school, but the kids of we regular Americans…the kids of ‘We the People’… it’s OK for our kids to be sitting ducks for madmen.

So says the implied words and actions of Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

And then you have fellow hypocrite, NBC’s David Gregory, who is one of Obama’s in his pocket liberal media cronies, who sends his kids to Sidwell while chastising the NRA’s Wayne La Pierre for saying armed guards should be in all schools.  This hypocrite has no problem with armed guards protecting his kids but says on the air that armed guards might not be effective in preventing mass murders at schools.

So why then does Mr. Hypocrite send his kids to Sidwell when there are many schools just as good that do NOT have armed guards.

Why…because he and the other hypocrites know that armed guards ARE the answer to keeping our kids safe.

And by the way, the head of the commission Obama set up to tackle the gun control issue…none other than VP Uncle Joe ‘Bite-Me’ Biden himself…this hypocrite also sends his youngest son to the armed guarded Sidwell Friends School as well.

In fact, all those leading the gun control mantra…Obama, Biden, Gregory, Bill and Hillary…they all sent or currently send their kids to Sidwell because of how ‘safe’ the school is.

The word hypocrite is too kind in described these despicable examples of the liberal elitist attitude of ‘we know what’s best for you and your kids but that doesn’t mean it’s best for ours.’

So our kids will remain unguarded when it wouldn’t cost anything to guard them as there are plenty of volunteers willing to do so for nothing and the NRA willing to train them.  But as Obama pushes the gun control issue forward, our kids will continue to be targets but Obama’s kids and those who orbit around him, their kids, will have the best protection available.

And the entire misguided gun control issue, which goes directly against our Second Amendment right to bear arms, will drone on and on as Obama starts with an assault rifle ban…moves on to including more guns in that ban…then tries to take our guns away completely…and ends up dismantling the Second Amendment in full…and he’ll use the ploy of it being for the safety of our children to do it.