The game is almost over and guess who loses



By: Diane Sori

Posted: Dec. 28th, 2012

OK…first let me say this one more time..there is NO such thing as a ‘fiscal cliff’…it’s just an extension of time ‘to raise monies’ for repayment of the IOUs we already owe to foreign countries helping to keep us solvent.

‘To raise monies’…as in tax ‘We the People’ to cover the misplaced spending of a president who just doesn’t get basic economics 101…you cannot spend more than you take it.

In reality, what has been going on in DC is nothing but a dog-and-pony show being played out with Obama and Boehner bantered back and forth over something that does NOT exist. Raising taxes does NOT a fiscal cliff make…raising taxes is a simple screwing of ‘We the People’ (again) so that we are the ones who pay for Obama’s out of control spending.

So while Obama now is making a huge show of concern, phony of course, about the supposed fiscal cliff by cutting his yet another vacation short and flying back to DC to stick his nose into the last minute useless negotiations, Michelle and the girls get to stay in Hawaii living the good life until January 6th and all on our taxpayer dime.

Oh well….so much for how he cares about OUR money.

Anyway, yesterday Prince Harry said there was little time to put together a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff and that no resolution was in sight. Like we didn’t know that. And while Congress will be in full session by the end of the weekend, there really is NOTHING new to present…so our taxes will increase come January 1st and this could very well send us back into recession and negatively affect global financial markets.

Adding to that is the fact that all this increase will do is cover eight and a half days of government out of control spending. For eight and a half days ‘We the People’ will be paying for God only knows how long.

And so Obama continues to try to convince us that a tax raise is needed so we don’t go over the non-existent fiscal cliff but nothing could be further from the truth. Now this is important to remember about Obama’s wanted tax increase so please listen up…when it’s broken down, one-third of those taxes raised will be consumed by useless government bureaucracy, paper pushing if you will…another third will simply NOT be collected, as in you get collect what some simply do NOT have or some will find ‘ways’ to hide their true income…and lastly, and this is major, with two-thirds of every one’s personal income taxes wasted or not collected, 100% of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the federal debt and by federal government contributions to transfer payments.

In other words, all the monies raised by increasing our taxes will be gone beforeone bloody dime is spent on the services we taxpayers normally would expect from our government when they raise our taxes.

Bottom line…the new tax increases placed on ‘We the People’ will be used to pay down the interest on the debt we owe to other countries and NOTHING else…debt that Barack HUSSEIN Obama increases by the day with his wanton spending. Obama has set-up a fiat money system where no surplus can ever exist, where America is a nation mired in debt, and he has NO problem with that as his allegiance is NOT to this country.

So what’s the best that can happen as we count down the days to January 1st…a patch job…a stalling of the inevitable…there will be NO last minute compromise that stops the tax increases and spending cuts (especially to the defense budget). The best ‘We the People’ can hope for is some temporary stop-gap measure that prevents the most painful tax increases and spending cuts that will impact the poor and middle class.

I think Congressman Allen West sums up this entire phony fiscal cliff fiasco quite well when he says, “What the president is proposing is not pragmatic whatsoever and it really is a reflection of him, I suppose, living in some type of fantasy world”…“We’re telling the American people that they have to tighten their bootstraps, but we don’t seem to want to do that in Washington, D.C.”

NO truer words spoken…and so the game continues with ‘We the People’ the losers.