Cultural Free Fall



Written by: Bill Colley

For the past couple of years alternative media has been warning your country is headed for a Greek style crack-up.  The writers of those stories focus mainly on economics.  It must have been two weeks ago when I spied a Wall Street Journal story detailing the complete break-up of Greek culture.  With the economy in collapse the social bonds are following.  Crime and hunger are rampant.  Children (and not just infants and toddlers) are being dropped at the doors of orphanages.  Nationalist political parties are on the rise and being a migrant or minority can invite beatings and death.  As a radio talk show host I’m often accused of being alarmist but much of what I write and say is informed by observed trends.

This last Saturday morning of 2012 I’ve been doing my morning reading and I’ve selected a handful of stories I believe provide evidence we’re knocking at the Grecian door.,0,2605022.story


You may not have the time for reading each piece so I’ll offer the survey course.  Link number one is local.  It’s from the Salisbury, Maryland daily newspaper.  It explains some law enforcers on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line (Maryland and Delaware) have had their homes shot to pieces.  Luckily no one was hurt.  The Salisbury paper is owned by the same company printing the addresses of legal handgun owners in New York’s Hudson Valley.  To my knowledge Gannett hasn’t yet published where local police live.  No one locally has been hurt but remember a police department was shot-up in New Jersey this last week and it wasn’t a pretty sight.  Additionally, an arsonist at work on the Eastern Shore of Virginia has wiped out 3 dozen properties in recent weeks.

A second link details the rise of outlaw motoring clubs.  It focuses on one club a little more than 100 miles west in the area of Metropolitan Washington, D.C.  The members of the club apparently have no regard for property or the lives of others.  It’s the Wild West on the Beltway.

Link three dances around a bit too much but details the collapse of the dollar and worldwide trade.  The writer implies elected politicians have their heads buried in sand.  The fourth link buttresses the argument.  Fiddling while Rome burns is the usual cliché.

A woman stopped me in what must have been late October while I was making a public appearance.  She explained she believes I’m reasonably intelligent but I’m also depressing.  For all I know she then wandered off for a blue crab sandwich.  A friend often describes her type.  She’s the overwhelming majority of people.  During a house fire they seek refuge in a closet thinking the bogeyman can’t possibly knock down their door.  Judas Priest, folks, what more warnings do we need?  Pile up some goods and be ready to literally shut the world out for a prolonged period of time (and put another lock on that door!).

We’ve got Newtown and Colorado and New Jersey and scary drivers and arsonists and people shooting at police just down the road.  You can’t turn on the television, the radio or read an old-fashioned newspaper without seeing, hearing or reading about some politician offering more security in exchange for liberty.  The Greeks don’t have a Bill of Rights.  The takeover of one of the globe’s most ancient cultures only required emptying salad bowls and then promises to fill them.  The Greek people pulled their heads from the sands and suspended belief.  They’re currently buying the notion of free lunches and simple solutions.

Students of history know how it all ends.  Smoke and rubble and death.  Our challenge is to be standing when it’s all finished.