God and the Second Amendment


Armed citizens

Written by: Bill Cowley

Our founding fathers believed individual civil rights are granted by God and not by men.  Listening this past week to a talk radio show I got the impression there are a great many tired students.  The libertarian host of the program was making the point men can’t take away what the Lord has granted.  Or when men make the choice to oppress God given rights they’re on thin ice.  This is a concept defined by Western Culture but rarely understood in the East.  Decades of communism were a direct affront to God and Islamic leaders believe they’ve been appointed to impose the Almighty’s will on whomever they perceive as a threat to their own worldly power.

I nodded and approved as I listened to the host and then a lefty struck.  A caller identified himself as liberal and mocked the host.  “If I hear you right then Jesus approves of gun ownership,” offered the leftist caller.  The caller then proceeded telling the host Jesus wouldn’t approve of firearms because firearms are dangerous and firearms kill people.  At that point I would’ve been asking the liberal for a citation.  When I’m on-air and press for evidence I get answers along the lines of, “I don’t know the exact quote but it’s in the Book of Hezekiah.”  Or they burst into song lyrics.  “Everything is beautiful, in its own way,” they often say.

I didn’t hear the entire exchange the other day as I reached my destination and left the show behind but I’ve got some other points to make.  I know the host of the program.  He’s the grandson of a now dead but locally prominent clergyman.  He’s also the former chair of the state Libertarian Party.  He may have some knowledge of church and state.  Once more, if I had been at the microphone I would have asked the caller if he was a Christian.  Generally these people will answer affirmative.  They put up a tree and their ancestors came to this country from the Christian corner of the world.  Then I would have suggested as a Christian he certainly believes Jesus is God incarnate.

With that settled then I would ask if he respected our founders and the rights guaranteed to him in the Constitution.  These guys generally answer, “Yes.”  O.K., then if the Lord granted your rights and Jesus is Lord then you agree Jesus approves of the Second Amendment, however.  As long as we’re having this conversation, Mr. Liberal, then let’s take your view and install it as the governing principle of the United States.  God isn’t interested in your civil rights, if indeed there’s even God or gods.  Then we can stamp out that pesky Second Amendment whenever we want.  Or we should say whenever they want.  They would be our controllers.

And as long as you’ve no actual civil liberties granted by a higher power then we can shelve the entire Bill of Rights.  The First Amendment is gone.  The next time you telephone a radio talk show (now hosted by a government propagandist) and say something the Dear Leader doesn’t like it won’t be long before your door is kicked down and your mouth stitched close.  You could defend yourself if the government had respect for God and God’s Law but without firearms your chance at escape is greatly limited.  You’ll go down fighting by pulling hair and spitting.  Unless you’re defenseless self is shot before you can grab the agents by their close cropped locks.

This morning I woke to an email from an old friend and co-worker.  He’s looking to buy himself a pistol.  A Maryland resident, he’s got some hurdles to clear.  I’m amazed he’s come this far.  He retired from the military after 21 years but rarely handled firearms while in uniform.  He grew up in Washington, D.C., is a person of color and can you guess how he votes?  Or he did vote.  A few days before Christmas burglars ransacked his home.  His TV is missing and he’s not happy.  He is a Christian and I’ve never heard him doubt God or the United States Constitution.  Of course he took an oath to defend the document and the ideals it contains.

For the liberal radio caller; there is a God and He often works in mysterious ways but also in the obvious.

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I'm a native Western New Yorker and spent 17 years in local radio and TV news in Syracuse and Binghamton in NY and Burlington, VT before leaving news management behind (I was a terrible TV News Director) and moving to talk radio, where I've hosted shows in Syracuse and since 2007 in Delaware. I currenty work at WGMD-FM radio station. Licensed to Rehoboth Beach. We're heard, however, in parts of Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia as well. I host the afternoon drive show. I've one grown child and am a conservative Roman Catholic.


  1. Jesus instructed his disciples to buy swords, even if they had to sell the clothes off of their backs to buy them.
    I can not find anything about Obama or Feinstein or Pelosi in the Bible….yet. Maybe Pelosi will photo shop the Bible next year.