Old Wooden Head Remains Speaker

Speaker Boehner met with Israel's Ambassador to Washington, DC, Michael Oren. Following the meeting, Boehner said:

Speaker Boehner met with Israel's Ambassador to Washington, DC, Michael Oren. Following the meeting, Boehner said: "Israel is one of America’s strongest allies. We share common values, and fight common enemies in the form of violent extremism. The people of Israel have sacrificed for the sake of peace and stability. With change coming rapidly to the Middle East, the United States is committed to standing by our close ally to maintain peace and stability in the region." . The ambassador, for his part, expressed "deep appreciation for the Speaker’s unwavering friendship for Israel, and his firm leadership of Congressional initiatives in support of the Jewish state." Speaker Boehner’s commitment to Israel is "especially valued at this time of change in the Middle East, and as Israel continues to confront the threats of terror and Iranian nuclearizaBoehner looks forward to working with Congress toward achieving peace throughout the Middle East.

By Mr. Curmudgeon:

House Republicans brightened President Obama’s upcoming inaugural celebrations by re-electing John Boehner Speaker of the House. Of course, Boehner is nothing more than a ventriloquist’s dummy, with President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi taking turns working his empty wooden head. The Republican Party is doomed – if not the nation.

220 GOP House members thought it a good idea to keep in place the compromising puppet – through whose lips the president speaks. Only 10 Republicans believed the Party of Lincoln deserved better.

Five more measly votes and Boehner would be a bad memory. What does this say about the so-called “conservatives” from the so-called “party of small government”? When it came time to speak, they became as lifeless as the marionette they re-elected. This does not bode well for what we’ve come to know as the conservative movement.

Economist and conservative columnist Thomas Sowell, like me, is not optimistic. “Have you yet heard House Speaker John Boehner take the time to spell out why Barack Obama’s argument for taxing ‘millionaires and billionaires’ is wrong?

“It is not a complicated argument. Moreover, it is an argument that has been articulated many times in plain English by conservative talk-show hosts and by others in print … What we all should be worried about are high tax rates driving American investments overseas, when there are millions of Americans who could use the jobs that those investments would create at home.”

What Dr. Sowell fails to realize is that it is impossible for a soulless creature to articulate ideas he does not hold in his wooden head or who lacks the capacity to house principles in a hollow chest without a heart.

The conservative movement – that flourished after Republicans nominated “Mr. Conservative” Barry Goldwater for president – saw its high-water mark with the election of Ronald Reagan, but has been on the decline ever since. When House conservatives had to choose who would lead the GOP opposition to the radical transformation of America under Barack Obama, they chose Boehner. His re-election as House Speaker signals the ignominious end of the modern conservative movement.

This means the only political opposition to Washington’s “business as usual” is the Tea Party and Libertarian movements – both of which are labeled “extreme” by the supporters of America’s one-party state.

But, as Barry Goldwater once said, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”


  1. (1) A little heavy on the ad hominem, no? (2) Enough with the Reagan romanticism, already. When necessary, Reagan signed onto tax increases. He also supported entitlement bills that would make heads explode these days. Stop relying on dead men for leaders. It's time to look forward, not backwards.

  2. Dear Gracey, you should try to *Add Hominy with your eggs is a great way to start the day. You should try it. Might keep your head from exploding…maybe. I might add that using *good* role models sure helps to keep from making mistakes in the future. If 51 percent of America had done that…then we most certainly would not have a communist for President right now. As it is…we have a "Morally" dead leader right now. But your are right in one way…time to start looking to the future. You better bring a lunch.

  3. The search is on by real freedom loving people for a cohesive effective strategy of revolution that will spin the wheels off the machine that is our current government. If we are to only look forward, then who can provide perspective? If we look to historical figures as a way of forming an effective plan of action, are we doomed as backward looking? I don't think so. It will be an astute combination of historical perspective and forward planning that will ultimately be needed. It is no guarantee, but I pray the day comes soon, where we draw the line, and demand with our action the withdrawal of the government back to it's constitutional bounds. For example; one man withholds his withholding from the government. He keeps his money. No one even notices when he goes to jail. But if millions do it simultaneously, now there is going to be some noise. That is precisely the slow bleed that we need to inflict. But where are the leaders?

    • Yes DWN…but the problem with the tax part is that your employer does all the withholding . If Employers did not withhold taxes then there would really be no problem. So there has to be another solution.