[We humble humans have assured ourselves, on several occasions in the past, that the world was to end on a specific date.  We did it for the year 1000 A.D., 2,000 A.D., and with the conclusion of the latest Mayan cycle of calendars, etc.  These suppositions remind us of the writings of a 16th century individual, whose writings have confounded many scholars for the past five centuries.  Nostradamus (1503-66) wrote cryptic quatrains (four-line verses) that some felt predicted the future, while others thought that none of them specifically identified actual events.  Since each batch of 100 quatrains was identified as a ‘century’, multiple quatrains were considered to be ‘centuries’.  Thus, the title of the following rhyme.]





The fabled Nostradamus

Fooled simple-minded hacks,

With riddles that were riddled

With trash instead of facts.


Yet, ev’ry generation

Construes his mutant rhymes,

In ways that fit their motives

And seem to match the times.


The truly thoughtful person

Will always be content,

To save each grand prediction

‘Til after the event.



§  §  §

© Guy Graybill


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Guy Graybill, of Middleburg, (Snyder County) PA, is a graduate of Gettysburg College, a retired teacher, former Republican county commissioner and former GOP chairman in his county. He and his wife, Nancy, are approaching their 60th wedding anniversary. They are the parents of four children and a growing progeny. He was listed in Who's Who in America in 2000 and 2001 ("For no reason that I would know!). Since he retired, he has had five books published, including: KEYSTONE (A state history), BRAVO! (the only book that declares that the Italians did more for music than anyone else), PROHIBITION'S PRINCE, the first of a two-volume biography of a millionaire moonshiner/bootlegger and FROST! (2012), a book of 20 Russian folk tales. Most of his works are available on Amazon.com, Kindle, etc. He notes that one of his strongest concerns involves the increasing incivility and dishonesty spewing from the liberal pundits.

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